Forecasting Products for

Safe and Efficient Operations

On Shore Wind Energy

Smart Energy has listened to needs associated with the Renewable Energy industry. These industries are demanding more accurate, interactive and informative forecasting. Smart Energy provides all the necessary tools for your operations to succeed. Whether it be a lightning monitoring system or forecasted future production, Smart Energy has a solution.

Gold Service Package
Platinum Service Package
• High Resolution, Interactive Maps with turbine level granularity
• Complete Radar Package
• Professional Broadcast Meteorologists providing a Region specific forecast
• Customizable Alerting for your facility and team members
• Customizable Reporting of site specific information
• Hourly Windspeeds out to 7 days
• Industry leading Lightning Monitoring System
• Mobile Alerting
• Ramp Event Warning System
WindVision™ is a fully integrated forecasting information system. Our master control units are designed to inform industry personel of site specific weather information. Some of the functions included are:
• High Resolution Interactive Maps, down to turbine level
• Site Specific Forecast from Broadcast Meteorologists
• Ramp Event Warning System
• Unmatched Wind Forecasting intra-hour through 7 days at 5 minute intervals
• Track Production before and after crucial upgrades
• Customizable Alerting including Ramp Events, Lightning, High Winds and Icing
• Cusomizable Reporting of facility operations
• Historical Reporting
• Real Time Lightning Monitoring as well as Storm Tracking
• Mobile Alerting

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