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Interoperability and open data sharing vital to EU’s energy transition

Interoperability of data platforms and energy systems and secure open data sharing are vital and need to improve within the European energy market to deliver the energy transition.

Ed’s note: The Metaverse of the energy sector

Editor Areti Ntaradimou explains why professionals in the energy sector should care about Facebook's Metaverse plans.

India: Are we ready to implement energy transition initiatives?

The 10 times growth of renewable energy capacity in India in just 15 years is leading the way for the world energy transition footprint.

Ed’s note: Soaring energy prices – Do we have a plan B?

Right now, the energy prices in Europe are skyrocketing. How did this happen and do we have a plan b, wonders editor Areti Ntaradimou.

Webinar Recording: Towards a European data space for energy

The time is now to gather input from high-level experts and policymakers on how this energy data space can be best designed and deployed in the EU.

Webinar 16 Nov: Sustainable IoT in renewable energy

In this live session, experts from Cisco will talk about the trends they see in the renewable energy space, the challenges around creating these trends, and how to build a modern, future-proof and secure communications architecture.