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Shell accelerates drive to net-zero with a new customer-centric strategy

Shell also confirmed its expectation that total carbon emissions for the company peaked in 2018, and oil production peaked in 2019.
carbon emissions

Five key carbon emissions trends to watch for in 2021

Research firm Wood Mackenzie has presented the five key carbon emissions trends the company forecasts will shape 2021.
net-zero storage roadmap

Research and innovation roadmap launched to scale UK energy storage deployment

The role of energy storage and the part it will play in helping the UK reach its net-zero targets on carbon emissions by 2050 has been set out in a roadmap drawn up by researchers at the University of Birmingham.
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New concept to help Chinese cities achieve carbon peaking and neutrality...

RMI provides recommendations on how cities in China can achieve carbon emissions reduction goals set by the government.
coal first initiative

US DoE supports R&D of net-zero with Coal FIRST Initiative

The US DoE is supporting the development of 21st-century electricity and hydrogen energy plants that have net-zero carbon. emissions.
Next move is to decarbonise, electrify and engage argues Krstian Ruby from Eurelectric.

Next move? Decarbonise, electrify, engage!

Despite CODID-19, the electricity industry is accelerating to decarbonise to become the solution for powering Europe’s net-zero emissions economy, says Kristian Ruby of Eurelectric.

Smart energy management platform goes live in UK’s Thames Valley Live...

Six Thames Valley local authorities are investigating smart energy management and its linkages to other sectors in their move towards net zero carbon emissions.
COP26 energy efficiency

Energy efficiency could make or break utility climate commitments

A new report released by Oracle Utilities and the Analysis Group discusses how energy efficiency programmes play a critical role in lowering carbon emissions.
maritime startups

Multi-million initiative launches to support cleantech maritime start-ups

To help the maritime industry reduce carbon emissions, technology firms can receive a boost from a new multi-million maritime tech scale-up initiative.
carbon capture

ExxonMobil discovers new material to enhance carbon capture technology

A new material that could capture more than 90% of carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources has been discovered by ExxonMobil.
Tucson Electric Power

Tucson Electric Power targets 80% emissions reduction by 2035

These changes will result in TEP avoiding more than 50 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next 15 years.
COVID-19 emissions

Policy updates will drive Europe’s decarbonisation

A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) sets out recommendations to help the EU meet its 2030 targets for greenhouse gas emissions, renewables and energy efficiency, as well as its longer-term decarbonisation goals.

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