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Iberdrola partners to decarbonise ceramic production industry

Spanish multinational utility Iberdrola has partnered with ceramic tiles producer Porcelanosa to decarbonise the industry with green hydrogen and electrification projects.
centrica abb

Centrica to support ABB’s transport electrification plan in the UK

UK utility and energy services company Centrica has announced that it will be helping energy solutions firm ABB to implement its transport electrification plan in the UK.

Nicaragua – over 98% electrification, 75% renewables supply

Nicaragua has reached a 98.5% electrification rate with over 1.23 million homes electrified by December 2020.
natural gas and climate action

Utilities continued investment in natural gas infrastructure sparks investor concern

Electrification, rather than natural gas, has emerged as an increasingly cost-effective solution to achieve net-zero emissions.

‘Peace’ renewable energy credit scheme launched for vulnerable countries

The Peace Renewable Energy Credit (P-REC) scheme offers a novel approach for electrification in countries in Africa at risk of conflict or other vulnerabilities.
community energy

Ed’s note: The community element of the energy transition

Electrification and sector coupling, energy market models and distributed RES will all support the success of energy communities.
UK emissions

UK investment electrifies 33 million lives and reduces global emissions

31 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions were reduced globally in the last nine years as a result of clean energy electrification by UK International Climate Finance (ICF), delivering 200MW of clean energy capacity to 33 million people across the globe.
UK electricity

UK’s Ofgem lays out plan to ‘rewire Britain’ with support for...

Ofgem has set out its proposals to rewire Britain at a local level to deliver a "greener and fairer energy system for British consumers" which extends to commercial and residential prosumers, and the electrification of the British transportation network, but with support for the sector most impacted by the plan - local utilities.
energy efficiency

Electrification drives the need for energy efficiency

The electrification transformation continues to gain steam as all customer segments adopt electric technologies to lower their utility bills.

New York and 14 US states to ramp up electrification of...

New York state, along with US 14 states and the District of Columbia will develop an action plan to ramp up electrification of buses and trucks.
rural electrication Asia

Israeli minigrid innovators, Nokia to drive rural electrification in Asia

Israeli mini-grid company Aquarius Engines have announced a mass rural electrification partnership with Nokia to provide minigrids in remote areas of the Philippines, and other Asian countries currently without grid-fed or off-grid power.
Africa emissions

Virtual AUW highlights: Adopting new behaviours to influence emissions

Africa's first focus should be electrification and the continent's economic growth, not to undermine the urgent efforts undertaken globally, but because the continent isn't the cause of the climate emergency. However, the lowest contributor to harmful emissions is also the most threatened if climate change goals aren't met.

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