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Wood Mackenzie

Renewables to meet 53% of Europe’s energy demand by 2030

Renewable energy including solar and wind will be used to meet 53% of Europe's energy needs by 2030, according to a new study issued by Wood Mackenzie.
distributed energy storage

Global annual capacity for distributed energy storage to expand by almost...

A new study analysing the global market for distributed energy storage systems between 2019 and 2028 released.

The energy revolution – powered by blockchain

Blockchain technology holds great potential for the future of the global energy sector.

Initiate! energy start-up and innovation programme goes global

Calling all energy talent! The Initiate! programme, where many start-ups and innovators in the energy and power sectors got their flying...
weather service

ComEd honoured with Excellence Award for weather resilience

ComEd has been recognized by the National Weather Service of Chicago for its response and resilience to harsh weather, water and climate events.
AI systems

The US reclaims top position in global AI investment, halts advancement...

The US has reclaimed the number one position in terms of investing in AI technologies in 2018, following losing the spot to China in 2017.

EPRI partners on AI, blockchain and cybersecurity R&D in the Gulf

EPRI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to conduct research and development, and testing of energy technologies with GCCIA in the gulf

Smart grid versus squirrel – the AI challenge in utilities

How does nematode-level logic help utilities solve a squirrel-level problem? The C.Elegans worm is the first (and only) animal to have its...

How blockchain is lagging behind investors’ expectations

There is a lot of hype and noise around blockchain technology today, writes Robert Schwarz, principal consultant, ÅF Pöyry. Distributed Ledger Technologies...

Smart Energy International Issue 5 2019

Read articles from Issue 5 2019 here Read the full digimag here like the...

Cooperation is the most important mandate

Digitisation represents a real opportunity for utilities, says Olivier Grabette, vice CEO of French TSO, RTE, in an interview with Smart Energy...

Smart services for decentralised energy trading

Four projects from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy’s technology programme “Smart Services Worlds” are developing smart solutions for...

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