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Heat pump flexibility pilots in Germany

German transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT is to pilot heat pumps and blockchain in providing flexibility to the national power grid.

Ford demonstrates hybrid EVs and blockchain in improving city air quality

Dynamic geofencing, blockchain and hybrid electric vehicles – the tools smart cities can draw on to improve the local air quality.

Three novel blockchain projects in the energy sector

An auditing system, clean energy loan fraud and biomass traceability are among the novel blockchain use cases currently emerging.

Blockchain peer-to-peer rooftop solar trading pilot launched in India

The India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) has launched a blockchain peer-to-peer trading pilot with Australian tech pioneer Power Ledger.
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Blockchain renewables tracking app to be commercialised

Energy Web has received a Good Energies Foundation grant to commercialise the EW Zero blockchain renewables procurement marketplace.
Blockchain business cases in the energy market

Ed’s note: Blockchain business cases

Blockchain is being used to manage a multitude of business cases in the energy industry and a lot of new initiatives have been launched.

Funding energy efficiency on the blockchain

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has launched Efforce, a blockchain-based energy efficiency crowdfunding platform.
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Blockchain gets a push in US energy standards board

The North American Energy Standards Boards (NAESB) puts blockchain and cybersecurity at the front of digital technology standardisation drive.

Blockchain for disadvantaged communities in the Americas

Blockchain is to be deployed to bring local energy markets to disadvantaged communities in North and Latin America.

New blockchain use cases coming for the energy sector

New blockchain use cases are under development for Energy Web’s Decentralised Operating System (EW-DOS) and the EW Chain.
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‘Blockchain for Energy’ consortium (re)launched

The oil and gas operators blockchain consortium has rebranded as the Blockchain for Energy consortium.

Blockchain technologies set to help grow electric vehicle adoption

A new blockchain solution out of Canada is aimed to grow electric vehicle (EV) adoption by reducing the transactional costs.

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