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Microsoft has big plans for carbon emissions

Microsoft has dreams of being completely carbon negative by 2030. But that's not the full extent of it – they are investing $1 billion to make this happen.
carbon trust

UKPN is the first operator to achieve carbon emissions standard

The Carbon Trust has certified UKPN as having an absolute reduction of 6.6% in carbon emissions since 2016.
US carbon emissions

US energy-related carbon emissions up in 2018 for the first time...

Total US energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2018 rose to 5.27 billion metric tons, 2.7% more than its 2017 level.

Louisiana reduces carbon emissions by 66%, despite 8th position in energy...

Greenhouse gas emissions in Louisiana have fallen by 66% since 1990, despite an increase in energy demand and production
Schneider Electric carbon emissions

Schneider Electric says global carbon emissions can be halved by 2040

Digitally-enabled energy saving in half of all existing buildings, and other global electrification and decarbonisation schemes, have the potential to reduce global...

India partners for clean energy project with 60% lower carbon emissions...

GAIL Limited, the Indian Oil Corporation, Atelier Global and Bloom Energy to implement the Whitefield Tower clean energy project in Bangalore, India

$4.3 million energy savings deal to reduce massive amount of carbon...

The City of Peekskill has approved an energy savings performance contract with Ameresco to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy conservation.
Drax carbon

Drax to use carbon emissions for something “fishy”

UK utility Drax has partnered with a biotech start-up, Deep Branch Biotechnology to explore the use of captured carbon emissions to manufacture single-cell proteins used as sustainable fish and livestock feed.
Welsh Water

Welsh Water reduces carbon emissions by 79%

UK utility Welsh Water has announced that it has lowered its carbon emissions by 79% in less than a decade, thanks to its commitment to sustainable energy use
SSEN Net-zero

US decarbonisation efforts lacking as emissions rise 3.4%

After three years of decline, US carbon dioxide emissions rose sharply last year.

New Jersey to make utilities pay for carbon emissions

Newly elected New Jersey Governor, Philip D. Murphy, has ordered his state to re-join a regional carbon-trading programme. The programme is known as the...
energy efficiency

US energy council drafts roadmap toward low carbon emissions

To help states across the US embark on adopting clean energy grids through energy efficiency programs as well as comply with the US Environmental...

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