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AMI Penetration and communication protocols

The penetration of AMI meters, the different communication protocols used in various regions, reasons for their adoption and some of the challenges being faced in adopting the standards.

Indian state agencies enter 10-year deal to boosts EV adoption

EESL has signed a 10-year MoU with Punjab Telecom Circle to install and operate 100 electric vehicle charging stations in Punjab.

Joint venture to increase utility revenues by 1,1 billion Indian rupees

EESL and NIIF have partnered to install more than 25 crore smart electric meters and increase utility revenue by 1,104 billion across India.
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Smart streetlights: India celebrates 1 million unit milestone

India has installed 1 million smart LED streetlights as part of the country’s energy efficiency and smart city initiatives.
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Trilliant, Larsen & Toubro support largest AMI deployment in India

Trilliant and Larsen & Toubro have reached a milestone of the largest AMI deployment in India scaling to more than 5 million...

India: EDF steps up AMI rollout with 5 million units

EDF has completed pilot projects preceding the full rollout of 5 million smart meter projects in Andhra Pradesh and Bihar.
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$13 million ADB grant added to energy efficiency operations

India’s Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) will use a new $13 million grant from the Global Environment Facility to improve its energy efficiency programme.

ADB plans to upscale Indian satellite-based smart meters project

Asian Development Bank is planning to scale up a satellite-based smart meters project, implemented in a village in Uttar Pradesh
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LED street lighting programme saves 4,700 million units of energy

Andhra Pradesh has been recognised at the national level for its efforts in implementing the LED Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP).

India: Energy giants collaborate on EV infrastructure

In India, Tata Power has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited for the installation of EV chargers. The two will collaborate...

New Delhi to save 500 million energy units in commercial buildings

The Power Ministry in New Delhi has launched an energy efficiency programme to replace chillers consuming more than 40% of a commercial building's total...
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Energy department throws $80 million towards R&D of EV technologies

The US Department of Energy is providing $80 million in funding to 42 projects to implement research and development of advanced vehicle technologies.

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