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Mainstreaming EVs: Apple unveils charging points in maps update

Apple has announced a sweeping update for iPhone users with the release of iOS 14 and one of the updates includes EV charging stations in its maps feature.
energy storage investment

EVs, storage are top non-generation options for G20 investors – report

A new research report by international law firm Ashurst has found electric vehicles and battery storage to be the top non-power generation technologies that senior business leaders from across the G20 have invested in or are committed to investing in.
UK EV charging

Access to home charging driving UK motorists away from EVs claims...

UK drivers are deterred from switching to electric vehicles (EVs) because they do not have access to chargers at home, a new report has found.
Twitter EV

EVs the most discussed topic on Twitter – report

Electric vehicles have emerged as the most discussed theme on Twitter among the world’s leading automotive influencers, according to GlobalData.

Up to £6.5bn is required to avoid EVs stressing UK grid

EVET has released the results of a series of studies being conducted to accelerate the uptake of EVs without putting pressure on the country’s grid network.

US consumers interested in EVs but not willing to pay

A new study has revealed that many Americans are not ready to pay the price for e-mobility despite them highly interested in EVs
EV infrastructure

California: EVs to pour in $140 billion and half a million...

Berkeley Economic Advising and Research have released a new report which explores the economic impact of electric vehicle in the US state of California over the next decade.
smart electric meters

Increased demand for EVs to influence power electronics market

The global power electronics market size is projected to reach $45bnby 2024, driven by substantial expansion of the automotive and consumer electronics sectors.
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The impact of EVs on energy demand through 2040

Frost & Sullivan has released a new report which analyses the impact of EVs on energy demand between 2018 and 2040.
shopping experience

Industry is failing to meet consumer demand for EVs – report

Sierra Club has released the results of a study conducted to understand the electric vehicle shopping experience for consumers in the US.

5 million EVs already on global roads – report

Global EV adoption is accelerating says a new report by data and analytics firm GlobalData, with 5 million battery-powered vehicles on the world’s roads

8 million UK drivers to switch to EVs, hybrids by 2025

19% of 2,041 UK consumers surveyed by CompareTheMarket say they will switch to an electric vehicle whilst 24% prefer switching to a hybrid vehicle by 2025.

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