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About World Energy Storage Day 2021

Dates: 22 September Virtual Why World Energy Storage Day?With a rising focus on the effective integration...

Smart grid’s role in energy transition and the top five market...

As the race to digitalisation and decarbonisation intensifies, smart grids have become a vital aspect in helping utilities to achieve energy transition and digital transformation goals.
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IRENA and China strengthen partnership to promote renewable energy

With the aim to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy to mitigate climate change, the Chinese government has extended its cooperation with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Toyota’s Woven City – a future smart city prototype

Toyota’s Woven City is being developed as a place where people live, work and play in a real-world living laboratory.
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G3-PLC Alliance announces first certified platforms for Hybrid PLC&RF communication standard

To date, the first hybrid G3-PLC PLC&RF certified platforms are from the member companies Microchip and STMicroelectronics.
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Utility investments in communication technologies to hit $23.2bn by 2026

Utilities to increase investments in communication technologies by 4.4% between 2021 and 2026, predicts research firm Global Market Insights.

EGAT to pilot flexibility in Thailand

A demand response demonstration is to be undertaken to optimise the supply and demand balance on the Thai power grid.

Next-gen hybrid PLC&RF standard certification available

The announcement from the G3-PLC Alliance opens the way for extended capabilities in smart grids and other IoT applications with hybrid PLC-RF mesh networks.
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Japan’s Chubu Electric prepares for electricity liberalisation

In Japan, major electricity supplier Chubu Electric Power Co. this week confirmed a basic agreement with Japan's largest oil and gas exploration and production company...

Japan’s Hiroshima issues tender for water meters

The Japanese city of Hiroshima has issued a tender for the supply of 8,000 (20mm) water meters. Subscribe to our tenders service For more details on this tender and the...

Japan’s public enterprises agency tenders for water meters

In Asia, Japan's Kanagawa Prefectural Public Enterprises Agency has issued a tender for supply of new meters, and repairing of existing water meters. The urban...
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Enel expands footprint in Japan’s demand response market

Japan's largest independent demand response aggregator is expanding its presence in the country to provide services to all of Japan this year.

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