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Advanced energy storage system to balance grid on Shetland Islands

As part of a decarbonisation drive, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks will partner with Wärtsilä to install an advanced energy storage system on the Shetland Islands.

Australia’s AGL Energy selects Wärtsilä as energy storage supplier

Australian utility AGL Energy has selected Wärtsilä as one of the two suppliers to deliver its grid-scale energy storage projects.
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AEP subsidiary selects Wärtsilä for Martinsville energy storage project

In the US state of Virginia, AEP OnSite Partners has selected Wärtsilä for the supply of its next generation energy storage system.
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Wartsila wins Duke Energy’s multi-state energy storage projects contract

Wärtsilä has been selected by Duke Energy for the engineering, procurement and construction of three battery energy storage facilities.
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May sees renewable energy set a span of records in Europe

May approved to be a record month for renewables in multiple ways across Western Europe, with much of the continent’s energy provided by solar and wind, thanks to favourable weather conditions according to the Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab.

World’s largest transmission-connected battery storage network

EDF Renewables has partnered with Wartsila to accelerate the UK’s transition to a battery energy storage enabled clean energy future.

How a Portuguese island has increased renewables portfolio by 50%

Danish energy equipment firm HowardScott and renewable energy investment firm Recharge A/S have partnered Wärtsilä and Graciolica to increase the use of renewable energy on Graciosa Island from 15% to 65%.
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New five-year deal to help Hungarian utility operate ancillary services

Tatabanya Eromu Kft has signed a five year deal with Wartsila to automate its 18 MW grid balancing power plant in northwestern Hungary.

India’s power back-up bill estimated at Rs 130,000 cr annually

[img:rakesh_sarin_0.thumbnail.jpg|Rakesh Sarin,
Managing Director,
Wartsila India]New Delhi, India --- (METERING.COM) --- August 27, 2009 - India’s annual power back-up bill is estimated at a staggering Rs 130,000 crore (US$26.6 billion) according to a new study by Universal Consulting for power company Wartsila India.

The study found that Indians spend Rs 100,000 crore (US$20.5 billion) on power back-up equipment such as gensets, batteries and inverters. In addition the country spends Rs 30,000 crore (US$6.1 billion) operating inefficient power back-ups using gensets which belch smoke and inverters that emit acid fumes, also releasing an additional 1.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

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