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$8 billion investment insufficient to fight cyberthreats, ABI Research

The modernization of utility infrastructures is enabling increased efficiencies and reliability through digitization, connectivity, and IT-based approaches. Smart cyber assets are transforming both power...
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLNL research on DER use for reliability on storm affected grid...

According to a local publication, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory launched the initiative CleanstartDERMS with aims to help utilities in the US to sustain...
EPFL campus PMU smart grid project

Smart grid: Swiss researchers test PMU system for better grid stability

A Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has installed phasor measurement units (PMU) in four of its campus buildings with the aim of studying how...

Researchers claim smart meters can reveal TV viewing habits

[img:tv_spectrum_0.jpg| ]Münster, Germany --- (METERING.COM) --- September 21, 2011 - A group of researchers at the Münster University of Applied Sciences have claimed that it is possible to use the electricity usage data from a smart electricity meter to determine which programs a consumer is watching on a standard TV set.

The test results, which have been presented in draft form and are yet to be formally published (presumably with peer review), also suggest that it may be possible to identify films played from a DVD or other source, the researchers claim.

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