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energy tariff

Cambodia project provides Asia’s lowest energy tariff

Electricite du Cambodge has achieved the lowest energy bid of $3.877 per KW/h, the lowest energy tariff in the ASEAN region.
digital technologies

ADB forms an advisory group for digital technologies

The ADB has established an advisory team which will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the organisation’s strategies on digital technologies
electric bus

ADB funds China’s smart transport development pilot

ADB has announced a $199.46 million loan to support the development of a smart, sustainable, intelligent and low-carbon transport system in Guiyang, China
blockchain technology

Ed’s note: Blockchain in smart cities – should we be afraid?

Blockchain is more than just a platform for mining bitcoins or facilitating peer-to-peer transactions in energy trading. For one start-up in Singapore,...

Ed’s note: The benefits of promoting women in energy

A recent study has revealed that utilities with a greater female representation tend to show better business performance, with the "top 20 gender-diverse utilities outperforming the bottom 20 by 14.8%."

Financing Asia’s smart city ambitions

With more than two thirds of the world’s population expected to live in urban areas by 2050, and the urban populations of...

2019 – The year of collaboration and opportunity

A recent report by Frost & Sullivan has determined that in Asia “renewable energy will continue to be prominent, with a positive...
electric power system

New report reveals factors behind $3 billion electric power system market

The electric power system market will record a 10.29% growth between 2019 and 2025, according to emerging technology markets research firm IndustryARC.

USAID and ADB launch $7 billion+ in clean energy funding

The USAID has partnered with ADB to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, secure and market-driven energy sector.
solar energy

ADB aids Afghanistan to pursue 220,000MW of potential solar

A $4 million Asian Development Bank loan issued to Barakat Kandahar Solar Energy will help expand the adoption of renewable energy in...

Cambodia secures funding to power 5 million in energy poverty

Cambodia has secured funding to improve its energy generation as part of efforts to enhance access to energy to nearly 5 million people living without electricity.
clean heating

How can Asia finance its smart city ambitions?

Two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050, according to United Nations estimates. The urban population of India...

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