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Smart metering is essential and, in many cases, legally mandatory for electricity suppliers. It provides utility companies the ability to analyze large...

Modern UI: Utilising GraphQL to present big energy data

In this podcast, Greenbird software engineers share their insights on user experience and utilising GraphQL to handle Big Data Queries for utilities.
SAP For Utilities

Utilities industry survey results: Digital challenges, big data opportunities

It’s not easy being a utility these days. Customers are demanding consumer-grade experiences from their providers across a multitude of digital channels....
Smart Grid Big Data

Smart Grid Big Data 7-19 September 2019 in Berlin, Germany

The 5th annual Smart Grid Big Data 2019 conference, exhibition and networking forum is back! With not long to go until this highly anticipated event, book now...
big data

Feeding the big data and artificial intelligence ‘information-appetite’

The promise of big data and artificial intelligence is everywhere. writes Jon Wells, VP customer solutions, Networked Energy Services. One almost gets...
Smart Grid Big data

About Smart Grid Big Data

Date: 17-19 September 2019 Location: Berlin Website Save...

The big data and artificial intelligence ‘information-appetite’

The promise of big data and artificial intelligence is everywhere. And, in all cases, so are the results. One almost gets the impression that there is no problem that cannot be solved with these new technologies. The answer to everything is ‘big data and artificial intelligence’.
big data

Enel extends partnership for big data platforms

Enel has selected its strategic provider of big data platforms to improve its business operations.
data migration

Data security – the challenge is often bigger than you think

Meters have long been construed as cash registers for utilities. As such, the accuracy and authenticity of data used for billing has always been...
digital twins

Digital Twins: the new Big Data?

In the first part of a three-part series, David Socha discusses the current hype around Digital Twins and begins to describe some examples of...
World Bank

World Bank: Big data for economic growth in developing countries

The World Bank Group is set to partner with mobile network operators through the GSMA to make use of big data acquired from the...
big data analytics

India’s big data analytics industry worth $16bn by 2025

According to the Economic Times, the sector is expected to reach $16 billion by 2025 and register CAGR of 26% over next five years,...

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