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BMW and Ford invest in battery start-up Solid Power

The race to secure next generation batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) steps up with a new $130 million investment in their development

bp joins BMW and Daimler Mobility to drive electrification

bp has joined an initiative run by BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG to increase the number of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Recommendations for BMW Group to meet 2030 carbon emissions reduction target

Automaker BMW Group aims to reduce supply chain greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle by 20% from 2019 levels by 2030.

EV charging perks for BMW staff and customers

E.ON has received a major order from the BMW Group to install and operate the automobile's charging networks across Germany.

BMW announces all-electric MINI

BMW has revealed an all-electric version of the British MINI. Manufacturing is set to commence late in 2019 in Oxfordshire.

Burning BMW i8 quits smoking, goes for a swim instead

In recent news, a fire brigade in the Netherlands found themselves unable to extinguish a BMW i8’s battery pack after the vehicle had started “smoking” on a local showroom floor.

BMW leaks spy shots of three new EVs

One of the marques arguably making the biggest inroads is BMW, with their “i” series of vehicles, set to be updated with not one, but three all-electric vehicles by 2021.

BMW to produce Mini EV in the UK, Brexit or not

German automaker BMW says it will start UK production of an all-electric Mini model as planned, despite questions surrounding Brexit.

DHL Freight and BMW pilots LNG-powered truck in Germany

DHL Freight has partnered with BMW Group to pilot the first Liquefied natural gas-powered truck with a mega trailer.

BMW: Potential competition for TESLA?

BMW is set to lock in 10 year supply contracts for lithium and cobalt, as focus shifts to producing their own powertrain components. Purchasing executive,...

PG&E kickstarts 2nd phase of EV pilot with BMW

The EV pilot aims to ensure PG&E achieves a stable grid network by using technology to help EV owners avoid charging during peak power...

BMW South Africa introduces solar carport for EVs

According to a company release, the BMW "i solar carport" supplies an average 3.6KW of solar power at peak on a clear sunny day. The...