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Ed’s note: Not acting on climate change? See you in court!

Should climate change be illegal? If so, how do you go about defining the terms and can you make failing to act on climate change illegal?
Barbados Advanced metering

EIB helps Barbados protect water infrastructure against climate change

Barbados Water Authority has secured a $12 million loan from the European Investment Bank to modernize water distribution network.
climate threat

Climate change-related severe weather threatens grid, says Accenture

According to new research from Accenture, 95% of utility executives believe that climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions has been contributing to increased extreme weather events that electricity networks have experienced over the past 10 years.

Citi unveils $1.5 billion green bond to combat climate change

Citi has unveiled its first US dollar denominated green bond to finance environmental-friendly projects.
Utility Virtual Event

African Utility Week Virtual Event: COVID-19 and climate change

Join the African Utility Week Virtual Event’s opening keynote session entitled: “Exploring private sector participation in African power sector” at 13:00 SAT, including insights on the models, challenges and reforms for private sector participation in the context of the African power sector.

Centrica unveils EFT grant scheme to tackle climate change

Centrica has launched a new not-for profit social impact grant scheme, Energy for Tomorrow.
climate change goals

Planet is “way off track” to meet climate change goals says...

A new, wide-ranging UN climate report, released on Tuesday, shows that climate change is having a major effect on all aspects of the environment, as well as on the health and wellbeing of the global population.

Mining giant pledges $1 billion to meet climate change targets

Rio Tinto will invest around $1 billion over the next five years to meet its 2030 climate change targets and 2050 net-zero emissions goal.

EDF recognised for a leading role against climate change in Europe

EDF has been recognised at the CDP Europe Awards for its commitment to fighting climate change.
bioenergy ebrd

Global climate change policy guidelines for law firms unveiled

Lex Mundi has published guidelines to help its members to align their operations with global environmental sustainability regulations.

Warren’s $3 trillion climate change plan

White House candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren has put forward what is said to be "one of the most aggressive, detailed and wide-ranging plans for combating climate change," according to the MIT Technology Review.
jeff bezos climate change

World’s richest man commits $10bn to fight climate change

Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, has committed $10 billion to accelerate global efforts to combat climate change.

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