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Five ways regional governments can limit the effects of climate change

A new handbook released by the Rocky Mountain Institute highlights five transformative actions regional governments can adopt to limit the effects of climate change.
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The role of EVs in combating climate change in Europe

Up to 43% of European citizens agree that electric vehicles (EVs) are instrumental in combatting climate change, according to a study comprising 3,600 residents in six European countries.
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Climate change poses a greater threat than COVID-19 – survey

A new study has revealed that more Americans think climate change poses a serious and long term threat to society than COVID-19.
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Partnership to map new risks and opportunities stemming from climate change

Partnership to enrich SACE's risk maps assessing the effects of climate change, the opportunities and constrains deriving from the energy transition.

Exelon names 1st round beneficiaries of 2c2i climate change initiative

Exelon and the Exelon Foundation have announced the beneficiaries of the first round of the $20 million Climate Change Investment Initiative
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Consumer and business concerns about climate change rising, despite COVID-19

Clean energy efforts and climate action by residential consumers and businesses are poised to accelerate despite economic downturn, according to Deloitte.
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NYSERDA signs first-of-a-kind C-19, climate change mitigation deal

NYSERDA has partnered with ASHRAE to advance the combined goals of improved indoor air quality and environmental sustainability.
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Ed’s note: Not acting on climate change? See you in court!

Should climate change be illegal? If so, how do you go about defining the terms and can you make failing to act on climate change illegal?
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EIB helps Barbados protect water infrastructure against climate change

Barbados Water Authority has secured a $12 million loan from the European Investment Bank to modernize water distribution network.
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Climate change-related severe weather threatens grid, says Accenture

According to new research from Accenture, 95% of utility executives believe that climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions has been contributing to increased extreme weather events that electricity networks have experienced over the past 10 years.

Citi unveils $1.5 billion green bond to combat climate change

Citi has unveiled its first US dollar denominated green bond to finance environmental-friendly projects.
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African Utility Week Virtual Event: COVID-19 and climate change

Join the African Utility Week Virtual Event’s opening keynote session entitled: “Exploring private sector participation in African power sector” at 13:00 SAT, including insights on the models, challenges and reforms for private sector participation in the context of the African power sector.

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