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Google makes “biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history”

Google has announced its largest renewable energy investment to date

Amazon CEO announces 2040 net-zero goals, world’s largest EV order

Amazon has partnered with the Global Optimism to launch the Climate Pledge, a commitment to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early.

Utility burns renewable diesel to drive environmental sustainability

Charlotte Water has partnered to reduce its carbon footprint by making use of renewable diesel to fuel its vehicles.
LA solar and storage

World’s biggest solar+battery project approved

Los Angeles’ Department of Water & Power has approved a Power Purchase Agreement for the construction of the largest solar+battery energy system in the world.
Virginia Renewable

Virginia commits to 100% renewables by 2050

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has signed an executive order committing the state to a transition to 100% renewables within the next 30 years.
wind farm

Australia’s first AI-enabled wind farm

A wind farm with AI successfully navigated a wave of negative wholesale energy prices in Australia - AI enhances the performance of clean energy assets.
climate goals

The US can achieve half its climate goals through energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can slash US energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 as well as get the country to achieve half of its climate goals.
Duke net-zero

Duke Energy commits to net-zero transition by 2050

US utility Duke Energy has announced an updated climate strategy with a new goal of net-zero carbon emissions from electric generation by 2050.
Trump light bulbs

Trump: energy-efficient bulbs make him look “orange”

Speaking on air and water, the president claimed: “We have the cleanest air, we have the cleanest water that we’ve ever had in the history of our country right now”
Carbon emissions

Utility sector most in need of decarbonisation, according to a global...

The Science-Based Targets initiative says utilities will be required to reduce their emissions the most by 2030, with a reduction of 83MtCO2e.
climate legislation

US Congress receives a framework for climate legislation

A new whitepaper comprising recommendations on how to develop climate legislation has been submitted to the US House Energy and Commerce Committee.
UK EV adoption

UK EV adoption skyrockets – 30-times more EV’s on British roads

The number of EVs on UK roads has sky-rocketed to just shy of 200,000, growing by more than 30-times the 6,000 on British roads just 8 short years ago.

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