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European Utility week industry insights

Shining a Light on utility trends in Europe Four years ago, the landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement was...
climate group

Seventy-five states and regions now generate 45% of energy from renewables

75 state and regional governments around the world are advancing the global transition to renewables according to a new report by The Climate Group and CDP.
EU greenhouse

More insight needed on emissions to achieve 2050 goals – EU...

EU greenhouse gas emissions data is reported in line with international requirements and inventories of emissions have improved over time, according to a new report from the European Court of Auditors.

Eco-friendly packaging ideas

Sustainable packaging has numerous benefits for businesses, customers, as well as our one and only planet.
clean energy solutions

New funding announced for Schools Green and Clean Energy Solutions programme

New York state governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced $4 million in funding for the P-12 Schools: Green and Clean Energy Solutions programme

Technology giants partner on ENGIE’s energy transformation

ENGIE has partnered with Salesforce, Accenture and Vlocity to help its customers around the world achieve a zero-carbon future.
Utilities Industry

Top five trends for utilities industry to watch in 2020

Deloitte has released its 2020 Power and Utilities Industry Outlook which explores paths to transformation by energy providers in the US.
Wind speeds

Rising global wind speeds boosts future of wind power – study

In a boon to wind farms, average daily wind speeds are picking up across much of the globe after about 30 years of gradual slowing. Research led by a team at Princeton University shows that wind speeds in northern mid-latitude regions have increased by roughly 7% since 2010.

Industry leader: Yeo Bee Yin

Exclusive leadership interview with Yeo Bee Yin, Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, Malaysia.
smart cities

Five key methods to make smart cities smarter

According to a new whitepaper issued by ABI Research, investments in smart ciies technologies will reach over $61 billion globally in 2026.
energy auction

Colombia’s first clean energy auction opens door to $2.2 billion in...

Colombia has held its first renewable energy auction which will add up to 1.3GW of clean energy capacity to the country’s main grid.
central asia

Central Asia endorses climate-friendly ‘Energy Strategy 2030’

CAREC has endorsed a roadmap and set of regulations to help member states to improve energy security, sustainability and investments.

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