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New York regulator approves Itron’s gas module for AMI and AMR...

Con Edison will now deploy the 550G ERT module on its existing IoT network from Itron to improve delivery of natural gas to its customers.
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Con Edison provides smart gas detectors in New York

Con Edison is installing 376,000 smart technology natural gas detectors for customers across its New York City and Westchester County service areas.
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Con Edison, partner select control platform for New York energy storage...

Con Edison and GI Energy have selected a software developed by Smarter Grid Solutions for the control of a 1MW/IMWh batter energy storage project.
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SCE and Opus One partner for California’s first customer-owned DER pilot

Canada's Opus One Solutions has announced an agreement with Southern California Edison to create “interoperable distributed control architecture”.

ConEd announces $1.3 billion New York summer pandemic resilience plan

US mega-utility Con Edison (ConEd) has announced its 2020 summer resilience and energy efficiency plan for New York state.
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Itron’s first recipient of the 2019 Annual Innovator Award

Itron named Con Edison as the winner of the technology company’s first annual Innovator Award.
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Con Edison enrolling National Grid customers in new community solar programme

Con Edison Solutions is registering customers of National Grid to participate in its new community solar programme in Massachusetts.
New York businesses

ConEd leverages AMI data to reward New York businesses

Con Edison has partnered with NYSERDA to implement a pay-for-performance pilot initiative for New York businesses
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73,000 New York customers left in darkness

Some 73,000 consumers, customers of Con Edison in New York, were left in darkness following an electrical transmission disturbance
Disaster management: wildfires in california

SCE blamed for California’s second-biggest wildfire in history

The findings of an investigation by California’s Ventura county’s fire department has aimed the blame for the state’s second biggest wildfire at squarely at Southern California Edison (SCE).
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Con Edison deploys gas detectors

Con Edison has started deploying battery-powered natural gas detectors on its smart meter network in partnership with Itron.

Johannesburg smart meter contract for Itron

[img:EdisonLogo.thumbnail.jpg| ]Johannesburg, South Africa and Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- December 19, 2012 - The City of Johannesburg has awarded an approximately $150 million smart meter contract to Itron, in collaboration with the Edison Power Group.

The engagement will require Itron to supply its latest generation smart meters and associated smart metering system to City Power, tying into the City of Johannesburg’s stated growth and development strategy to improve service delivery and efficiency through network automation.

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