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Webinar 14 July: Decarbonisation: Making a net zero economy possible

Join ESI Africa's live webinar on 14 July to explore ways to achieve a net zero economy, with a focus on carbon-heavy industries, key to achieving this goal.
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Policy updates will drive Europe’s decarbonisation

A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) sets out recommendations to help the EU meet its 2030 targets for greenhouse gas emissions, renewables and energy efficiency, as well as its longer-term decarbonisation goals.
energy transformation

New alliance targets startups for global decarbonisation and energy reform

RMI and Emerald Technology Ventures to accelerate decarbonisation and the global energy transformation.
Hydrogen decarbonisation

HVDC, green hydrogen mean cost-effective decarbonisation – report

Decarbonisation is difficult to achieve cost-effectively in most countries, due to fundamental limitations in solar and wind resources, but the solution may lie in the development of renewable energy carriers and new zero-carbon energy supply chains.
northern powergrid

Northern Powergrid unveils strategy for community decarbonisation initiatives

Northern Powergrid has unveiled a detailed roadmap of how to partner with communities to accelerate the decarbonisation of its energy systems and consumers.

Renewables policy pathways to accelerate energy sector decarbonisation

A new report states that multiple clean energy policy pathways increase access, lower costs and drive decarbonisation of the electricity sector.

Bioelectricity: A critical contribution to the decarbonisation of the EU’s energy...

The Statistical Report 2020 dedicated to Bioelectricity provides an in-depth analysis of the role of the bioenergy in the energy transition in Europe
utilities decarbonisation

Electric utilities among decarbonisation leaders says report

The report found that the low carbon transition “is well underway in some sectors such as electric utilities, shipping and paper, while oil and gas and airlines lag significantly behind in carbon performance”.
digital decarbonisation

Equinor and Shell partner on purely-digital decarbonisation drive

Norwegian energy giant Equinor has partnered with European neighbour Shell in a new collaboration to reduce emissions and increase safety – digitally.
UK decarbonisation

UK energy sector has “fastest rate of decarbonisation in the world”

The levels of carbon emissions generated from power consumption in the UK fell by almost two-thirds in the last decade – the fastest rate of decarbonisation in the world
UK wind power

Polish state utility secures EIB funding to accelerate energy decarbonisation

EIB is providing PGE with €R64 million for the construction of three onshore wind energy farms

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