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Who is the #1 vendor for managing distributed energy resources?

Market research firm Navigant Research has announced the top ranked providers of distributed energy resources management systems (DERMS). ...

OSIsoft launches distributed energy resources collaborative

OSIsoft is creating a community-centric data ecosystem to enable distributed energy resources into the energy and utility marketplace.
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America, Europe & Asia-Pacific powered 74% of distributed energy storage

A new report from Navigant Research says the mostly first-world nations on these continents were behind the growth of the distributed energy storage industry, but this was aided by government support early on.
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Global distributed solar energy generation to grow by $51.07 billion

Technavio has released a new report which looks at the global market for distributed solar energy generation.
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Global annual capacity for distributed energy storage to expand by almost...

A new study analysing the global market for distributed energy storage systems between 2019 and 2028 released.
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New report reveals corporate strategies for onsite distributed energy

A new report analyses the different approaches being implemented by corporates in adopting onsite distributed energy resources.

Cybersecurity in utilities: Critical questions for securing distributed energy resources (DERs)

The energy transition is driving a shift toward the increasing use of distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs are smaller power-generation resources, usually located on the...

10 Things you need to know about the utility-distributed energy market

A new report tracking utility adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) in North America has been released. The...

US-Israel partnership promises advanced distributed smart energy applications

mPrest and Southern Company have announced a collaboration to develop and implement a robust distribution system.

Australia welcomes national register for distributed energy resources

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has ruled to establish a register of distributed energy resources in the national electricity market
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Centrica conducts study on distributed energy resource business perspectives

Centrica has conducted a study to understand consumer perspectives on onsite energy generation in the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, the UK and Ireland. The study includes a survey of...

NYISO pilot programme for distributed energy resources

The New York grid operator – NYISO – is piloting three distributed energy resource (DER) pilot programmes, designed to improve New York's energy infrastructure. These...

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