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Asian Utility Week Greenbird

The top 7 trends I observed at Asian Utility Week 2019

20,000 miles travelled, three speeches given, 11,000 attendees mingled with, dozens of interesting industry people met and a small dash of jet-lag. We’ve just come back from Asian Utility Week 2019 with our heads full of insights from the many people we spoke with.
oracle utilities

Oracle expands the platform for utility customer innovation

Oracle Utilities Opower is empowering utilities to do exactly that with new capabilities and new integrations for innovating at utility-scale.
energy storage systems

Battery market for energy storage systems

The global market for energy storage systems is expected to register over 9% growth between 2019 and 2023 - report
GE wind turbine collapses

Finally: GE engineer shares reasons for multiple turbine failures

After no less than 5 turbines collapses in both North and South America in 2019 left many in the wind energy industry scratching their heads, a top GE engineer, who has led the company’s investigations into the incidents, has shared findings, noting that in the case of the first four turbine collapses, several factors were to blame, rather than “a single systemic issue”.
European Utility Week Digitalisation

Enabling tomorrow’s power grid and new business models

How can utilities move to a smart grid and beyond? That is the top concern among operations executives in EMEA power utilities,...
Total solar China

Total partners with Envision to boost commercial solar in China

Total has joined forces with Envision to develop solar-powered distributed energy resources in China.
Clarion Events

Unified event spotlights energy ecosystem

European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, a three-day event that spotlights every part of the energy ecosystem, is coming to Paris writes Kelvin Ross.
Tennesse Valley Authority

Tennesse authority migrates to the cloud to manage ancillary services

Tennesse Valley Authority has selected a technology partner for its energy demand management initiative.

Hawai’i approves Energy Alliance-demand response initiative

The Hawai’i Public Utilities Commission has approved a grid services purchase agreement between the Hawaiian Electric Companies and OATI.

One unified event for the power and energy sector

European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, a three-day event that spotlights every part of the energy ecosystem, is coming to Paris.

The ageing workforce’s brain drain

The utility employment landscape is changing, driven by varying forces, writes Philip Gordon. It’s predicted that those utility workers known as the “Baby Boomer” generation, are retiring, and according to a January 2017 assessment, 25% of US employees in electric and gas utilities will retire within the next five years.
demand response

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative: Reaching demand response curtailment goals

Demand response is increasingly important, say Jeff Shaw, vice president of distributed energy and sustainability, SMECO, and Steve Hambric, vice president of...

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