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Vanguard Renewables

Dominion unveils US’ first nationwide network of dairy waste-to-energy projects

Dominion Energy has signed a $200 million partnership deal with Vanguard Renewables to convert methane from dairy farms into clean, renewable natural gas.
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Dominion Energy invests in clean energy workforce of the future

Dominion Energy is one of 20 organisations that joined forces to train solar installers at Southside Virginia Community College

Dominion Energy announces its largest solar facility in Virginia

Dominion Energy has announced the construction of its largest solar facility in Virginia, a 150MW plant to be developed in Prince George County.
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Dominion Energy and partner become US’ largest natural gas producer

Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods will double their investments in renewable natural gas through 2028.

US: Virginia state-owned buildings to go renewable with Dominion Energy

State-owned buildings and facilities in Virginia will soon be powered with solar and wind energy under a new agreement between the Commonwealth and Dominion Energy.

Dominion Energy files 10-year grid modernisation plan with a state regulator

Dominion Energy to direct $594 million towards grid modernisation over a period of three years
Public Power Corporation

Dominion Energy attends to 92% of outages left by Dorian

Dominion Energy has restored power to 92% of its customers who were affected by power outages due to the effects of Hurricane Dorian in Carolina and Virginia.
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Dominion announces Virginia’s largest battery energy storage projects

Dominion Energy will develop four battery energy storage systems as part of a pilot initiative.
home energy efficiency

Dominion Energy offers residential home assessments at discounted price

US-based Dominion Energy, a utility with over 7.5 million gas and electricity consumers, is now offering home energy efficiency assessments at discounted price.
Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy to capture, recycle and reuse methane emissions

Dominion Energy has announced an industry-leading initiative to reduce methane emissions from its natural gas infrastructure
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Dominion Energy unveils ‘100 Homes for 100 veterans’ initiative

US utility Dominion Energy is expanding its partnership with the Department of Veterans Services by launching a new energy efficiency project. The pair have announced...

US Army surrenders Fort Jackson to Dominion Energy

The US Army has awarded a subsidiary of Duke Energy with a new contract to provide electric services at Fort Jackson in Columbia. Under the...

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