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Pending US efficiency Act would cut energy bills by $51 billion

ACEEE forecast a pending bipartisan energy efficiency bill if enacted would help the US cut energy bills by $51 billion through 2050.
energy efficiency

Global electric energy efficiency – a $60bn market by 2028

Spending on electric energy efficiency programmes to increase from $30 billion in 2019 to $60 billion by 2028.

Smart energy app changed the behaviour of 91% and made 62%...

91% of smart metered consumers with access to energy analytics through an app have changed their behaviour and 62% had directly made purchases as a result to reduce their consumption, according to a new survey
district heating

Polish utilities win Climate Bank loans for energy efficiency projects

Two district heating operators in Poland have won a €200 million loan issued by EIB to fund energy efficiency and grid modernisation projects.
Energy efficiency

Twelve ways to accelerate energy efficiency at global scale

ACEEE has released a new report with recommendations on how the adoption of energy efficiency technologies can be accelerated globally.

New $250 million ADB loan to accelerate energy efficiency in India

ADB has agreed to provide India’s Energy Efficiency Services Limited with a $250 million loan to accelerate its operations
energy efficiency award

Eight companies receive the Energy Efficiency Award 2019

Investments in climate protection and energy efficiency are worthwhile as demonstrated by the winners of this year’s Energy Efficiency Award.

EIB’s €90 million loan to accelerate energy efficiency in Belarus

The European Investment Bank has agreed to support Belarus in accelerating energy efficiency programmes
demand response

Integrating energy efficiency and DR to enable the energy transition in...

Integrating energy efficiency and demand response to ensure the reliability of grid networks in Europe.

Belarus gets World Bank funding to accelerate energy efficiency

The World Bank has signed a deal to fund the new Sustainable Energy Scale-Up Project, an initiative designed to improve energy efficiency in Belarus.
global energy efficiency

Global energy efficiency drops to decade low – climate suffers

Global energy efficiency has dropped to its lowest rate since 2010, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Ukraine energy efficiency

Ukraine gets $150 million IFC energy-efficiency funding boost

IFC is providing a financing package of up to $150 million to assist sustainable energy investments in Ukraine.

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