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Wind record

Offshore wind hits record year in 2019 – up 35% says...

According to the most recent data from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), 6.1GW of offshore wind capacity was added to the mix in 2019, a record 35% increase year-on-year for the industry.
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UK: 10% rise in electricity imports

Although the UK continues to record an increase in the total amount of renewables in its energy mix, the territory has recorded a 10% increase in electricity imports to meet its energy demand in 2019
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Albania and the DRC have a cleaner fuel mix than China...

Albania and the DRC are producing 100% renewable energy unlike China and the US with some of the poorest fuel mixes in the world, according to BEP.
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Adding further value to Nigeria’s renewable energy mix

Dr Magnus C. Onuoha, President of SEPAN speaks about adding further value to Nigeria's renewable energy mix.
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The UK needs another 120GW of clean energy to meet 2050...

That’s the word according to the latest research by Aurora Energy Research, which notes that wind and solar, which currently make up 33GW of the UK's energy mix, will grow to over 140GW in 2050.

Webinar recording: The Future of Distribution Grids

Listen to this interactive webinar and learn how Siemens’ solution can help Distribution System Operators prepare distribution grids for the challenges of the transition to a new energy mix.

Bangladesh inks $185 million clean energy financing deal

Bangladesh will add up to 310MW of renewable energy to its energy mix as a result of an agreement signed with the World Bank.
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Wind, solar to power 50% of the world by 2050

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has released predictions for both the energy mix, as well climate change.
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Augmented reality is key to transforming utility operations

Augmented reality (AR) and its variants; virtual reality, assisted reality and mixed reality, are set to take off in a big way and offers to bring in new value to the energy sector, says data and analytics company, GlobalData.
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China in focus

For many years China’s focus has been squarely on industrialisation and economic development. The noticeable shift to a services-based economy has given rise to a diversified energy mix and emphasis on clean energy.

Open source coalition fuels energy transition and innovation

The Linux Foundation has announced the formation of LF Energy to boost technological innovation and transform the energy mix across the world.

Germany, India to collaborate on energy storage

[img:IESA_0.jpg| ]Berlin, Germany and Pune, India --- (METERING.COM) --- July 19, 2013 - The German Energy Storage Association (Bundesverband Energiespeicher e. V., BVES) and the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to advance the energy storage industry in the two countries.

“India is one of the most rapidly emerging markets with a clear perspective towards increasing the contribution of renewable energy in the energy mix,” said Prof. Dr. Eicke R. Weber, president of BVES. “This has to be accompanied by the availability of low cost reliable storage systems. BVES looks forward to cooperate with the IESA in furthering this process in India.”

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