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RWE power stations impacted due to flooding in Germany

Numerous RWE power station sites have been affected by the severe floods in Germany and work is underway to avert further dangers and limit damage.
net-zero batteries

Partnership to accelerate UK’s drive to net-zero with two massive batteries

Pivot Power and Wartsila to speed up the UK's transition to net-zero through the use of energy storage to address renewables' fluctuation.

Carbon prices in EU hit record highs as power demand rises

As Europe eased lockdowns electricity demand returned to pre-COVID levels and carbon allowance prices rose to record levels in the second quarter.
green energy hub

Spanish Utilities join forces in green hub project

EDP and Reganosa to create a green energy hub that will comprise hydrogen production, energy storage and wind energy systems in Spain.
clean electricity

Washington utility generates clean power in water distribution pipes

Harvesting excess pressure from water distribution pipelines to generate clean electricity is one way utilities are now able to produce clean energy without increasing their carbon footprint.

Quebec’s Lac-Mégantic microgrid inaugurated

Quebec state utility Hydro-Québec and Lac-Mégantic have formally launched the energy microgrid in the Canadian city’s new downtown.

PG&E files $7.4bn clean energy and grid resilience plan

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has filed a $7 .4 billion grid modernisation and resiliency proposal with the California Public Utilities Commission.

The brain of a hybrid power plant

On-site hybrid power plants are proving successful because of the smart operating systems that integrate multiple technologies and assets, explains Hans Koopman of Siemens Energy.

Recording: Indonesia’s New Energy Paradigm Digital Series

A joint production from Enlit Asia and partners MKI, this series will highlight PLN’s New Paradigm, the organisation’s latest strategy to drive...
netherlands energy transition

Dutch Institute of Safety signs letter of intent for a safe...

Engineering and certification firm DNV will be partnering with the Netherlands Institute for Safety (IFV) to help the country to transition to...

Renewables costs continue their decline

New analysis from IRENA has found that 162GW or 62% of new renewable generation added in 2020 had lower costs than the cheapest new fossil fuel option.

Asia continues to back coal despite climate pressure – IEA report

The International Energy Agency's latest report reveals approvals for coal-fired plants are 80% below where they were five years ago, however, coal is not yet completely out of the picture.

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