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€704m contract to help Paris renovate street lights and energy lines

The City of Paris has awarded a €704m contract for the modernisation of street lights and energy distribution lines.

Enedis CEO: ‘A holistic approach is key’

“We need a long term vision, but also we need to take action right now with no further delay” – Marianne Laigneau, Enedis.

Five smart grid projects of European common interest

The European Union’s new list of smart grid ‘Projects of Common Interest’ gains three new projects, loses four previous projects.

Optimised grids and system flexibility critical to reaching net zero

We need to drastically increase flexibility within our power systems to ensure sufficient renewables integration and achieve the world's net-zero pledges and Paris Agreement goals.

GB’s Bulb latest casualty of energy crisis

British independent supplier Bulb is the 22nd and largest to fall casualty to the sharply risen wholesale gas prices this year.

Global smart meter market to record 7.76% growth through 2025

The global smart meter market will record an annual compound growth rate of 7.76% between 2021 and 2025, according to Technavio.

The penetration of smart gas meters in Europe

Berg Insight explores the penetration of smart gas meters in Europe as utilities in the bloc seek to modernise metering processes and grid management.

EU invests €1.1 billion in projects to support decarbonisation

The European Union is investing over €1.1 billion into seven large-scale innovative projects under the Innovation Fund.

France: TotalEnergies invests €200m in high-power EV charge points

TotalEnergies will allocate up to €200 million to equip more than 150 of its motorway and expressway service stations with high-power EV charge points.

Transformation is inevitable – Getting it right is essential

Eurogas president Didier Holleaux highlights the opportunities in Europe for cross-sector cooperation to improve networks, accelerate sector integration and serve consumers.

COP26: India and UK launch Green Grids Initiative

The Green Grids Initiative has been launched to accelerate the construction of the new infrastructure needed for a world powered by clean energy.

France threatens to limit power supply to British island over fishing rights

France has threatened to reduce the amount of electricity the country exports to the British Island of Jersey following continued disagreements over fishing rights with the British government.