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G3-PLC Hybrid: Extended capabilities for the smart grid and IoT

The G3-PLC Alliance, the leading industry alliance for powerline communication (PLC) in smart grid applications, introduces the next generation hybrid PLC standard incorporating Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities.

ADD GRUP deploys large G3-PLC hybrid in harsh Russian grid network

Smart meters based on G3-PLC hybrid solution have been deployed at the largest distribution company, in the southern region of the Russian Federation.
G3-PLC Alliance

Major milestone in development of first hybrid PLC & RF communication...

The G3-PLC Alliance has taken a lead by developing the next hybrid generation PLC standard incorporating radio frequency (RF) capabilities.

G3-PLC Alliance announces 6 new members

The G3-PLC Alliance has announced further growth in membership and welcomed six new members from across the globe in 2019.

Alliance member announces EU-funded AMI and clean energy projects

devolo has been very active in the area of G3-PLC applications.

The G3 PLC Alliance unveils its interoperability process

Paris, October 8, 2012 - The G3-PLC Alliance announced the interoperability process for the PHY layer is completely defined. A first implementation of the process led to a final plug fest where 5 implementations – from Freescale, Maxim, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments - were shown to be successfully interoperable. Jean Vigneron, General Secretary, is excited to announce that the interoperability process for the PHY layer is not only open to G3-PLC Alliance members, but also to any new implementers of the G3-PLC protocol.

The interoperability process for the MAC layer is currently under definition and will be completed during 2012; the interoperability processes for the 6LowPAN layer and the overall protocol stack will be defined in the first quarter of 2013. All these processes will be open to the members of the G3-PLC Alliance in order to allow the greatest possible interoperability of all different G3-PLC implementations.

Enabling the smartest grid… together

Why an open standard? Driven by the dual demands of rising energy generation costs and the compelling need for a greener planet, it’s become clear we need to maximize the efficiency of electricity distribution and usage. To get everyone speaking the same “language” the G3-PLC standard was developed based on over 20 years of industry learning on grid communications. It is an advanced OFDM-based powerline communications (PLC) standard created to deliver the fast, secure, reliable and cost- effective communications required for the smart grid.

Enexis launches smart meter pilot using G3-PLC technology

[img:Enexis_0.jpg| ]Rosmalen, The Netherlands --- (METERING.COM) --- September 28, 2012 - Enexis, an independent Dutch DSO, has started a smart meter pilot in the Netherlands using G3-PLC (powerline communication) technology.

In the pilot a total of 1,000 interoperable Elster and Sagemcom G3-PLC smart electricity meters will be installed in households in the coming months.

G3-PLC Alliance – opening the road to a smarter grid

The need for an intelligent power grid has become obvious in recent years. But without standards, interoperability and efficiency suffers. To overcome these barriers the G3-PLC specification was released by ERDF (Electricité Réseau Distribution France) in 2009 as part of an international initiative to standardize around a single communication technology. Since the publication of the first comparative performance results against other powerline communications (PLC) technologies at the Metering Europe 2009 conference in Barcelona, the G3-PLC has been of interest to many utilities, standards bodies and other stakeholders of the smart grid. The programme to test and analyze the new protocol and modem was of such interest that ERDF and the original developers decided in early 2011 to support and expand the movement by creating the G3-PLC Alliance.

Maxim provides security evaluation for smart grids

[img:maxim1.thumbnail.jpg| ]October 7, 2011 - Maxim Integrated Products has integrated metrology, security, and powerline communications into a reference platform for utilities to evaluate smart-grid technology.

The Newport evaluation platform provides the flexibility to handle uncertainties such as security algorithms, different communication protocols, and the need for field-upgradable meters. With the platform designers can evaluate the MAX2991/MAX2992 G3-PLC compliant chipset, the 71M6541 metering SOC, and the MAXQ1050 secure microcontroller for their next-generation smart meters.

G3-PLC Alliance formed to drive communications standard for smart grid development

[img:G3.thumbnail.jpg| ]Amsterdam, The Netherlands --- (METERING.COM) --- October 3, 2011 - Twelve major players in the smart grid industry have come together to establish a new global partnership to support the deployment of the new powerline communications (PLC) protocol G3-PLC.

These founder members are Enexis, ERDF, Maxim Integrated Products, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Cisco, Itron, Landis+Gyr, Nexans, Sagemcom, EDF R&D, and Trialog.

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