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EU natural gas prices to soar to record levels during winter

The prices of natural gas across Europe are expected to continue increasing this year to reach a new record level during winter.

Wales & West Utilities to inject hydrogen to GB gas grid

Wales & West Utilities has got the go ahead to inject gas containing up to 1% hydrogen into its network in Swindon in southwest England.

Thermal-mass gas metering: Proven for years, certified for the future

The recent technological advances and miniaturisation have enabled the use of the technology for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications such as natural gas metering.

TBQM turbine gas meter passes test with favourable data

The TBQM gas turbine flowmeter from Goldcard subsidiary, Tancy, has recently passed the 'Joint Industry Project' (JIP) test led by DNV·GL, which aims to validate turbine and ultrasonic meters' performance at high-pressure with a mix of different gases.

Tancy ultrasonic flow meter completes natural gas flow test in Wuhan

The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), a large flow metering station in Wuhan, has completed the first natural gas flow test on a Tancy TUS-6 & -8 path high-pressure ultrasonic gas meter.

Preventing and detecting gas leaks, limiting fugitive emissions

Picarro and Italgas have introduced intelligent software for detecting the presence of gas in vehicles dedicated to the leaks search. This technology is at the forefront in terms of limiting fugitive emissions.

Experimenting hydrogen injection and Power to Gas technology

In Sardinia, Italgas is developing the first end-to-end green hydrogen project in Italy, aimed at testing the entire hydrogen value chain.

India’s IGL selects Tancy for smart gas meter project

Indian utility Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has selected Tancy for the supply of smart gas meters for rollout in its grid modernisation programme.

Britain’s Northern Gas Networks tests hydrogen distribution grid

DNV has built a gas distribution test grid as part of Northern Gas Networks’ led H21 project to gain understanding of 100% hydrogen transport.

SSE dumps stake in Scotia Gas Networks in shift to low carbon

SSE will sell its entire 33.3% stake in gas distribution operator Scotia Gas Networks Ltd as the power producer shifts focus to developing renewable infrastructure.

Britain’s future system operator – responsibilities across electricity and gas

An expert impartial ‘future system operator’ is proposed to drive Great Britain’s progress towards net zero by 2050.

Top five trends to shape the European smart gas metering market

How has COVID-19 affected the Italian and European smart gas metering market and how will the market evolve post-pandemic?