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climate goals

The US can achieve half its climate goals through energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can slash US energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 as well as get the country to achieve half of its climate goals.
24th World Energy Congress

Low – Carbon future depends on integrated actions

According to the International Energy Agency, carbon dioxide emissions on the planet grew in 2018 by 1.7% to 33.1 billion tons due...

The path to a sustainable electricity system: decentralised control

We need a new platform for electricity, transforming our old assets into a highly flexible system with the autonomy to manage disturbances real-time.
extreme heat

New report addresses the severe impacts of extreme heat

ULI Research looks at the effects of climate change, with specific focus on rising temperatures and extreme heat, on urbanisation.
Climate Stewardship

Climate change: The US to plant 16 billion trees

The Climate Stewardship Act will be presented in September and will enable the funding of programmes to plant 16 billion by 2050.
ev charging

UN and IRENA sign climate change and energy transition deal

The UN and IRENA will be ramping up efforts to fight climate change, and promote the transition to renewable energy.
summer heat

How do power grids beat the summer heat?

In the searing heart of summer, when blazing days stack end on end and the air hangs heavy and still, the power grid...
Environment Agency

UK drones to detect illegal agricultural water use

The UK Environment Agency will use drones for the first time to track illegal water use.
heat wave

Tips to survive the heat wave in Carolina

Duke Energy is providing tips to help customers in North Carolina and South Carolina save energy and money as the region's lingering heat wave continues.

Chicago prepares for heatwave

With forecasts for the longest stretch of consecutive days in the upper 90s (32 - 38 degrees C) since 2012, ComEd is preparing for an increase in demand by increasing crew staffing, proactively opening its Emergency Operations Center and readying equipment to respond quickly if power outages occur.
Small business funding

US DOE announces $121 million in small business and innovation funding

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has announced that the Department of Energy will award 113 grants totaling $121 million to 103 small businesses in 29 states.

Power plant emissions are being measured – from space

A new initiative has been launched that will use satellite imaging to measure carbon emissions from large power plant all over the world.

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