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Siemens Energy hydrogen train

Bavaria green lights test for innovative hydrogen train

Bavarian State ministers have signed a MoU with Siemens Mobility and Bayerische Regiobahn to support the testing of a hydrogen-powered train.

Decarbonising end-use sectors: buildings, transport, industry. Which strategies are best?

IRENA summarises the findings of a 4-day “Innovation Week” which focused on the decarbonisation of buildings, transport and industry sectors

Helping startups during the pandemic: The Iberdrola case

Oscar Cantalejo, Investment Analyst at Iberdrola Ventures comments on the status of the Spanish startups landscape and the impact of COVID-19
bill gates funding

Bill Gates and EIB to mobilise $1bn towards green tech innovation

Bill Gates and the EIB's new climate financing programme to increase investments in clean solutions that are vital to reduce carbon emissions

10 clean energy startups for AWS inaugural accelerator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches its Clean Energy Accelerator programme with ten innovative startups from North America, Europe and the Middle East.

EU venture arms set new investment record in cleantech innovation

More than $8.2bn of venture capital has been invested in cleantech innovation in the EU during the first half of 2021, a new report released by Cleantech for Europe has revealed.

Centrica and Con Edison turn Brooklyn lot into energy innovation hub

Centrica and Con Edison are partnering to implement a clean energy innovation project In New York.

New York governor announces funding for carbontech innovation programme

There is a need to increase investments in technology R&D with the carbontech solutions market still in its infancy stage.

About World Energy Storage Day 2021

Dates: 22 September Virtual Why World Energy Storage Day?With a rising focus on the effective integration...
World Energy Council

The US rejoins the World Energy Council

Under efforts to play a key role in the global energy transition, the United States has rejoined the World Energy Council.

Qualcomm and Capgemini plan to boost 5G implementations for industries

Collaboration aims to improve interoperability, provide proven performance and ease deployment for clients looking to unlock benefits of 5G private networks.

Europe’s TSOs propose 12 innovation priorities to 2025

Europe’s TSO association ENTSO-E has prioritised 12 project concepts to address the challenges of energy system integration and smart electrification

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