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7 ground-breaking machine learning applications for utilities

Digital Transformation is an ongoing process for utilities today. However, to be successful they must focus on technologies that deliver the services customers want. Machine Learning offers enormous potential for utilities to discover more about their customers and for solving the common issues utilities face every day.
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Succeeding with machine learning and introducing emerging technologies

In this podcast we discuss one example of the 10% that do succeed. Jørn Engberg, project manager ICT Norwegian based NTE, shares...
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ABB launches a new digital energy-app store and machine learning technology

ABB is launching a new digital energy app-store and Verdigris’s AI technology is their first app
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Amazon subsidiary adopts machine learning-enabled business forecast offering

Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of a managed service that uses machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts

Webinar recording: AI and machine learning to advance your grid’s security

In this webinar, Nokia will discuss a comprehensive, yet cost-effective approach to mitigating the security risk to utility networks through proactive, predictive and automated security using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning capabilities.

ARPA-E announces $20 million in funding for AI and machine learning

U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has announced up to $20 million in funding to accelerate the incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence into energy technology and product design processes.
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Partnership to deliver machine learning solution to US water sector

US-based utilities software firm Franca partnered with non-revenue water loss management solutions company Utility Services Associates to help utilities reduce non-revenue water in a cost effective...
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Blog: Machine Learning and the machines, Part 2

Kicking off this mini-series last month, I promised that this time around I would talk more about the kinds of machine learning (ML) available...
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Blog: Machine learning and the machines

Last month, my blog was on the changing role of the Information Technology (IT) Department in utility businesses.  One of the things I discussed...

PG&E leverages machine-learning and data science for asset management and DER...

Utilities house enormous datasets that defy traditional analysis, for which machine-learning could be of great benefit. When machine-learning is applied to IoT data, utility...

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