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Siemens AG upgrades meter data management app with Amazon Web Services

Siemens AG has modernised its EnergyIP meter data management application, which enables the management of more than 90 million meters.
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France’s largest gas provider reaches smart meter milestone with Oracle

GRDF has rolled out more than four million smart meters, powered by Oracle Meter Data Management
western power metering data management system

Landis+Gyr enhances the performance of meter data management system

Landis+Gyr has released the MDMS 4.2 with updates that enhance the performance of its meter data management system with other utility applications.

New partnership to transform utility grid operations

Landis+Gyr is joining forces with Utilidata to provide groundbreaking grid management through the deployment of edge applications on advanced meters.

OMNETRIC to integrate Siemens technology with Tacoma Public Utilities

Integration specialists OMNETRIC has been contracted by Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) to implement the Siemens EnergyIP meter data management system as part of TPU’s Advanced Meter program.
national grid meter data

New version of meter data management software released

Landis+Gyr has released the 4.0 version of its meter data management system (MDMS) software with added support for complex metering operations

Florida utility modernises grid with AMI and MDMS solutions

Landis+Gyr has announced an agreement with Kissimmee Utility Authority to supply advanced metering infrastructure and a meter data management system

City of Ventura chooses MeterSense and CustomerConnect to enhance customer service...

[img:handshake%20resize_0.png| ]Ventura, CA, U.S.A. and Ottawa, ON, Canada --- (METERING.COM) --- September 18, 2013 - The City of Ventura has chosen MeterSense and CustomerConnect, Harris Utilities’ meter data management (MDM) and customer engagement solutions (CES), to realize operational efficiencies and improve customer service.

MeterSense is an advanced MDM solution that transforms raw smart meter data into business intelligence and enables utilities to improve business processes and enhance customer service. CustomerConnect is a web-based data presentment tool that enables customers to access and interpret their consumption patterns, which helps them make smarter choices about resource use, reduce their bills and support utility conservation goals.

Water is your business

[img:MD1_0.jpg|Michael Deane,
Executive Director,
NAWC]By Michael Deane

As innovative water resource management technologies like smart metering are adopted worldwide, the level of information available to customers and water service providers will continue to grow. Rather than waiting until the end of a billing cycle, individuals, families and businesses equipped with smart meters can monitor their daily usage and gain a better understanding of how essential a safe, reliable water supply is to their everyday activities. Similarly, by providing real time data on usage spikes, smart meters enable water service providers to detect and repair leaks, ultimately improving efficiency, saving precious water resources and reducing costs for end users.

Claude Godin to direct energy data analytics at DNV KEMA

[img:Claude%20Godin.thumbnail.JPG| ]Claude Godin has joined DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability as director of Energy Data Analytics, with responsibility for the design and development of the company’s energy data analytics product and service offerings in the Americas.
Previously Godin held the post of president, North America at EnergyICT. Under his leadership the company deployed meter data management systems at four major U.S. IOUs, and provided AMI infrastructure to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, the Department of Labor, as well as real time energy management systems to major retailers.

NRG Energy offers energy saving tool to businesses

[img:killinger.thumbnail.jpg|Elizabeth Killinger,
Retail Regional
President, NRG
Energy]Houston, TX, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 27, 2013

Texas energy company NRG Energy, Inc. has entered into a technology relationship with ThinkEco to offer a new energy monitoring and management tool to businesses.

The first application is the new modlet Smart Outlet, which is offered by Reliant. The Smart Outlet is a cloud-based, energy efficiency solution that tracks plugged-in equipment and wirelessly sends real time usage data to internet connected computers, smartphones or tablets. Businesses can use this information to control energy use and help achieve savings of as much as 30 percent per device.

Providers for Britain’s smart meter data and communications company named

[img:Capita_0.jpg| ]London, U.K. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 15, 2013 - Britain’s government has announced the names of the preferred bidders to establish the Data and Communications Company (DCC), which will link the 53 million smart electricity and gas meters nationwide with the business systems of the energy suppliers, network operators and energy service companies.

The license for the DCC has been awarded to Capita PLC, a provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions. In this role Capita will manage the smart metering service of its users and will contract with, and manage, the data and communications service providers. The estimated value of the license over 12 years is approximately £175 million (with an option for extension for a further 6 years).

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