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A new meter measures pure hydrogen, hydrogen blends and natural gas

Sensirion claims its SGM64xx model is the first gas metering module on the market able to measure any gas mixtures, including pure hydrogen, blends of hydrogen, biomethane and natural gas types H, L, and E.

The energy crisis beyond the obvious: why DSOs matter

EU energy prices and especially natural gas prices surged sharply, prompting countries to reactivate coal-fired electricity generation

Hydrogen in Europe’s system integration

A “one system view” is necessary for planning and operating hydrogen says the European TSO organisation ENTSO-E.

Will a green recovery be a just transition?

What does a ‘just energy transition’ for Europe actually mean? Does natural gas have a place? And what role can private sector companies play? Dina Darshini offers some answers.

Romania’s Restart Energy to fund renewables on blockchain

Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG is launching a security token offering (STO) to raise CHF7.99 million (US$8.5 million) on the blockchain.

Dutch NMi certifies 100% hydrogen meter by Italy’s SIT

The Netherlands Measurement Institute (NMi) has certified a 100% hydrogen meter developed by SIT through its subsidiary MeterSit.

UK’s BEIS awards contract for development of hydrogen standards

A new development is expected to help the UK accelerate its transition to hydrogen for energy, transport, and industry decarbonisation.

Italy’s Ansaldo Energia deepens commitment to sustainability

Power engineering company Ansaldo Energia has compiled its first energy and corporate sustainability report.

The penetration of smart gas meters in Europe

Berg Insight explores the penetration of smart gas meters in Europe as utilities in the bloc seek to modernise metering processes and grid management.

Women in energy: Catherine Leboul-Proust on GRDF’s third gas revolution

In an exclusive interview with Smart Energy International, Catherine Leboul-Proust delves into how GRDF is embracing the changing gas landscape, as well as her experiences as a woman in energy.

Ed’s note: Utility Scam Awareness Day

Editor Areti Ntaradimou describes why Utility Scam Awareness Day needs global attention and what measures Europe would need to put in place.

Green is the new black: Hydrogen ‘is the topic of the year’

A panel of experts joined a Power Engineering International debate to examine the challenges of developing a green hydrogen economy. Pamela Largue reports.