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distributed energy storage

Global annual capacity for distributed energy storage to expand by almost...

A new study analysing the global market for distributed energy storage systems between 2019 and 2028 released.
lighting systems

Annual revenue for connected lighting systems to reach $6 billion

The global annual revenue for connected lighting systems will increase by 17.6% between 2019 and 2028
electric mobility

Enel X and Nuvve top Electric Mobility Service leaderboard

Navigant Research has published its Leaderboard report which reveals leading electric mobility service providers.

Affordable connectivity driving smart water and gas

The adoption of AMI meters and the solutions being utilised to ensure secure, cost-effective, fast and resilient telemetry of energy and water usage data.
data analytics

Data analytics: The key to delivering smart cities

This article looks at the crucial role played by data analytics in helping cities become zero-carbon, improve urban mobility, and better manage their infrastructure
energy storage market

Energy storage and a carbon-free grid system

Nicholas Nhede examines the energy storage market and the role played by the technology in developing a net-zero emission or 100% renewable energy system.
blockchain applications

67% growth anticipated in global energy blockchain applications through 2028

Energy blockchain applications are expected to generate $19 billion in revenue over the next decade, a 66.9% annual growth from 2018 level.
battery technologies

The role of public EV charging in overall PEV adoption

A new report analyses the relationship between the deployment of public electric vehicle charging systems and the demand for plug-in EVs.
smart grid

What to know about a smart grid

This article helps you to understand what a smart grid is and how related technologies help utilities to optimise their operations
onsite distributed energy

New report reveals corporate strategies for onsite distributed energy

A new report analyses the different approaches being implemented by corporates in adopting onsite distributed energy resources.
london resort

Three factors restraining businesses to achieve sustainability targets

A new report published by Navigant Research explores barriers restraining companies to effectively putting into practice their sustainability plans.
energy as a service

Energy as a service to generate $278 billion in annual revenue

Annual revenue generation within the global commercial and industrial energy as a service market is set to reach $278 billion by 2028.

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