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Predictions for 2022: The year ahead

Which technologies will see widespread adoption? What new trends will disrupt the energy market and what changes are likely to continue?

Northeast Group analyses 2018-2027 UK smart water infrastructure market

Smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group forecast $1.3 billion in investments in the UK smart water infrastructure market by 2027. Smart water infrastructure will...

COVID-19 shrinks global water metering market by 20%

Investments within the global water metering market will bounce back from Covid-19 starting in 2021 - Northeast Group.

Smart grid infrastructure investments in South America to hit $18.1 billion

Countries in South America will invest $18.1 billion in smart grid infrastructure over the next decade, according to Northeast Group.

Analytics proving a vital tool in revenue protection strategies

Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group, speaks about the importance of data and analytics in utility business strategies.

New report explores AMI rollout in 50 emerging markets

Northeast Group predicts that some 269 million smart meters will be deployed within 50 emerging markets by 2023.

500 smart grid vendors compete for US$380bn IoT market – Northeast Group

A new report by US smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group reveals that there are more than 500 smart grid vendors competing and...

Northeast names Itron a leader in smart streetlights networking

Itron has been named by Northeast Group as a leader in deployed and publicly awarded smart streetlight communications projects.

$3.2 billion in investment anticipated in smart gas metering through 2019

Northeast Group forecast the global investment, excluding China, in smart gas metering to reach $3.2 billion in 2019.

Renewables adoption to accelerate during COVID-19 recovery period

Northeast Group, Lux Research and British Business Strategies speak about the impact of policy and regulation on the pace of the energy transition.

Power sector investment in Sub-Saharan Africa to reach $141 billion

Up to $141 billion will be invested in Sub-Saharan Africa’s power sector between 2019–2028 - Northeast Group.

430 million AMI meters to be deployed across 50 emerging markets by 2024

Northeast Group have released a new report which looks at smart grid infrastructure growth in developing economies.