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electricity meters

Nigeria to deploy 36 million electricity meters by end of June...

Nigeria’s Federal Government plans to install over 36 million electricity meters across the country by the end of the second quarter of 2021.
advanced metering infrastructure

US city of Flora adopts AMIoT advanced metering infrastructure

The City of Flora in the US state of Illinois has announced its partnership with technology firm OATI to improve its metering infrastructure.
nuclear energy

How consumers are empowered to support nuclear energy

In some European countries, consumers are also empowered to support an alternative way to decarbonise the energy industry. They take a stand for nuclear energy, writes Patrick Bauduin.
Earth Observation and asset management

German asset monitoring start-up to expand globally with $6.35m fund

LiveEO, a German-based Earth Observation asset monitoring technology startup, has secured €5.25 million ($6.35 million) in funding to expand its operations globally.

Measuring the performance of Europe’s smart grids

European system operators have proposed a set of indicators to monitor the evolution of smart grids at the distribution level.

Electric vehicle drive in Chile

Chile’s government has forged an agreement with electricity companies, businesses and other public and private stakeholders to promote electromobility.

Portugal to leverage EIB support to develop hydrogen economy

A MoU signed by Portugal and the EIB is expected to help the country to fast track the deployment of hydrogen solutions.

Electrifying US buildings critical to achieving 2050 emissions target

According to a new report released by the Environment America Research & Development, building electrification over the next 30 years is vital for the US to achieve its 2050 carbon emissions reduction goal.

Top seven investment areas crucial for China’s zero-carbon transition

A new report released by the Rocky Mountain Institute has identified some seven key investment areas vital for China to achieve its transition to zero-carbon emissions.

Distribution systems’ cybersecurity needs more attention in US

Distribution system vulnerabilities need to be fully addressed for a national cybersecurity strategy to have effect, US Government Accountability Office reports.

Nicaragua to upgrade and expand electricity system

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) has awarded a $40.1 million towards Nicaragua’s transmission system expansion.

Energy storage to pilot on Lithuania’s transmission network

Lithuania’s transmission system operator (TSO) Litgrid is to test a 1MW battery energy storage system as a proof of concept.

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