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Netherlands leads smart home device use in Europe – Statistics Netherlands

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) have reported that almost three-quarters of Dutch people use a smart device in the home.

Enel X and Mastercard inaugurate Israeli innovation lab

The FinSec Innovation Lab aimed at developing and advancing innovative solutions in partnership with startups has been inaugurated by Enel X and Mastercard in Israel.

Webinar 9 Dec: Building a sustainable future for a smart living

In this panel discussion, contributors to the KNX technology will talk about the challenges faced by the Smart City, and how interoperability at the core of the ecosystem can flawlessly orchestrate Energy Management.

LoRaWAN offers proven IoT utilities integrations

The LoRa Alliance and, utilities networks are expanding the breadth of their connectivity by using the wireless LoRaWAN open standard.

Kaluza, Mitsubishi partner on EV solutions in Japan

UK energy management solutions firm Kaluza and Mitsubishi Corporation are to develop a new suite of electric vehicle (EV) products and services.

Energy storage cryptocurrency miner launched

Canadian battery tech companies Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies and subsidiary IONiX Pro Battery Technologies have launched the Smart Miner.

UK connects 10 millionth household on DCC’s smart meters network

The Data Communications Company has announced the connection of the 10 millionth household on its smart meter connectivity network.

Goldcard infinity smart gas meter: unlimited connection, unlimited extension

Over the past decade, cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) technologies like GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, etc. have been applied in the gas industry, by virtue of their low power consumption, wide network coverage and device scalability among other possibilities.

Mitigating grid vulnerabilities to boost cyber resilience

The evolution of the energy sector is increasing grid vulnerability to attacks but utilities can improve cyber resilience.

NREL pilots new AI-enabled Smart Community concept in Colorado

NREL will be testing the role AI-enabled energy management plays in developing smart communities and in accelerating the energy transition.

Safeguarding smart devices to address utilities’ growing cyber vulnerability

Highlighted by the 2020 SolarWinds breach that eventually affected hundreds of electric utilities, cyberattacks on utilities are on the rise.

Building a sustainable future for a smart living

Webinar broadcast: Thursday, 9 December 2021 04h30 New York | 09h30 GMT | 10h30 Amsterdam | 11h30 Johannesburg | 15h00 New Delhi | 17h30 Singapore 60-Minute Session To...