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Digital economics – so big in Japan

Shinichi Imai, managing executive officer from TEPCO, Japan talks candidly about the challenges and opportunities in Japan and about how digital transformation...
artificial intelligence

TEPCO trials AI for predictive maintenance

AI and big data analytics will help Japan’s largest utility carry out maintenance of their infrastructure, reveals Innovation General Manager at TEPCO.
japanese Renewable Transition

Major companies call for Japan to accelerate renewables transition

More than 20 major corporates, counting Sony, Aeon, and Fujitsu have called on the Japanese government to source at least half of it’s electricity from renewables by 2030, instead of the government’s current goal of 22-24%.
gas-fired power generation

Factors behind 3% growth in natural gas-fired power generation

The global natural gas-fired power generation market will record a 3% growth between 2019 and 2023 - report
solar power plant

Total inaugurates 2nd solar power plant in Japan

Total started up commercial operation of its second solar power plant in Japan.

TEPCO becomes the first Japanese utility to join EV100 and EV30@30...

TEPCO has become the first Japanese energy company to join the Global EV100 and EV30@30 campaigns.

Centrica launches linked solar, storage, EV-charging offer

UK energy company Centrica has launched a new offering aimed at enabling businesses to install solar panels and battery storage to help their transition to electric vehicles.

Five biggest utility/startup collaborations

This article looks at the five biggest utilities investment in energy technology startups accelerate innovation within the energy industry.
energy market

Shared data will ‘change the energy market’ says blockchain expert JoJo...

“If the first energy revolution was clean energy, the second energy revolution is shared data structures that anyone can build-out on top of,” she told me in an interview.

Oxfordshire to pilot flexible local smart energy system

Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire) will explore how new technologies can best reduce costs for customers by utilising a local, responsive electricity...
natural gas

The UK helps Tokyo respond to grid signals in under a...

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has partnered with Centrica Business Solutions to decarbonise the Japanese energy grid. TEPCO is using...
new york

Going outside to innovate from within

The second evolution of the world’s first dedicated energy start-up accelerator, Free Electrons, has finished after an exciting and successful programme over the past year.

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