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PG&E wildfires

PG&E cuts power to 172k customers as part of wildfire mitigation

PG&E has started de-energising its grid in areas with severe weather conditions to avoid igniting wildfires.
PG&E bankruptcy

California: PG&E’s $23 billion bankruptcy finance package approved

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has won court approval to raise $23 billion to help pay its bills over destructive California wildfires after governor Gavin Newsom dropped his opposition to a proposed financing package.
California wildfires

PG&E agrees to $11 billion in compensation for California wildfires

The settlement approved the court for California’s Northern District has according to PG&E, been agreed to in principle, and will cover 85% of insurance claims related to the 2017 Northern California Wildfires, and 2018 Camp Fire, that left towns like Paradise in ashes, and claimed over 100 lives.

PG&E kickstarts resident compensation for 2017 wildfires

PG&E has issued its first cheque to reward victims of wildfires which were caused by the utility’s assets in North Carolina

PG&E vegetation management found lacking

California utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), which has been blamed for some of the state's most devastating recent wildfires, failed to cut back or remove thousands of trees which posed a threat to powerlines.
California wildfires, satellite

PG&E now using satellite to monitor wildfires

PG&E has deployed its satellite fire detection and alerting system to monitor and fight against California wildfires.
California wildfires

California regulators consider PG&E wildfire fines

California regulators have begun proceedings to consider fines against Pacific Gas & Electric Co. for its role in a devastating series of 2017 wildfires.
Public Utilities Commission resignation

Head of California Public Utilities Commission to retire

The head of the California Public Utilities Commission announced Thursday that he will retire after almost five years on a job dominated by oversight of devastating wildfires.
PG&E Wildfire fund

PG&E’s wildfire victims fund approved by judge

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. has been granted approval to establish a $105 million fund to help survivors of recent California wildfires started by the utility's equipment.

Webinar Recording: This is not a drill! The weather-resilient Grid

Worldwide, utilities are feeling the realities of climate change, and need to keep the lights, gas and water on in the face of increasingly extreme weather – wildfires, violent storms drought, polar vortices and floods are only set to worsen.
PG&E wildfires

PG&E cleared of 2017 fires

Despite prior contrary findings by the Cal Fire, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has been cleared of criminal charges related to 8 wildfires in 2017.
PG&E wildfires

Vegetation management: Not sexy, but vitally important

Vegetation management by electric utilities is vitally important, as recent incidents around the California wildfires have brought to the fore.

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