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Who is Smart Energy International?

Smart Energy International (SEI) is the official publication of the Clarion Power & Energy Series events, with a partnership continuing from the first editions of the world-wide Utility Week events more than 20 years ago.

SEI is the global leader in delivering smart utility news and analysis to industry leaders, reaching those at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.

Via daily news updates on the SEI website and analysis in 5 print editions per year, the publication covers a wide range of topics including AMI and smart meters, smart grids, smart energy, IOT, data analytics, billing and customer services and many more.

SEI offers multiple routes to market, with a database of key decision makers from across the global smart energy industry.

1. Print and digital magazine

We distribute more than 50,000 digital copies worldwide. We send more than 7,000 printed copies directly to the metering and smart energy companies, reaching ‘C’ level decision makers and directly to Government Ministers.

2. News website

By taking a strategic digital advertisement on Smart Energy International, you are ensuring that your presence in the power market is at a maximum. Our website draws a monthly average of 29,000 unique users and 68,778 page views, with a year on year increase of over 27.4% in user volume.

3. Webinars

You create a presentation on a key area; we promote it heavily to our database, and they sign up to learn from you. We secure an average of 300 registrations per webinar.

4. HTML mailers

If you have a special promotion, if you are attending an event and want to maximise visitors, if you are launching into a new market – then sending a mailer to the metering database or a segmented portion of it, will yield the results you need.

5. Demand generation

Our value-added campaign packages are an ideal way to create demand around a specific topic or product. Custom-made packages can consist of a mixture of whitepapers, e-books, videos and technical brochures, promoted with a series of banners, mailers and write-ups in our daily and weekly e-newsletters.

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