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Energy sector insights, report analysis, predictions and examination of energy trends, grid innovation and energy market movements within the energy sector. Energy policy and regulatory frameworks are also included.

Trends in the European energy sector – podcast series

Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird discusses the hottest trends in the energy sector with Claire Volkwyn, Editor at Smart Energy International during EUW and POWERGEN Europe.
smart meter rollout

The seven key benefits of SMETS smart meters

We spoke with Oliver Archer, an analyst at Cornwall Insight, regarding the benefits of SMETS smart meters and this what he had to say:
Smart meter rollout

Ed’s note: The soap opera that is the UK smart meter...

The UK smart meter rollout started with high hopes in 2016 but was soon plagued by delays, technology malfunctions and other barriers.
Breaking through disruption

Power a “wise pivot” against utility disruption

In brief Disruption is an inescapable challenge for all industries. Utilities are entering a vulnerable phase, with compressive disruption...

How power utilities can make the right choice for new business...

Power utilities can leverage their presence and infrastructure in the community, they can deliver fast internet profitably.
smart cities market

Smart cities market surpasses $900 billion, growth continues

The global smart cities market was valued at $900 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a whopping 18% between 2019 and 2029,

Ed’s note: The multi-faceted face of security

One of the many interesting interviews I got to conduct while at European Utility Week was with Emil Gurevitch and Jon Wells,...

PRIME addresses new communication challenges embracing BPL

The PRIME Alliance embraces BPL complementing its existing NB-PLC technology to meet the communication requirements for the evolution of the grid.
energy saving

Energy-saving tips for small businesses

The best energy-saving tips for small businesses is to switch off all electronics which are not in use. To go green invests in alternative energy sources.

European Utility week industry insights

Shining a Light on utility trends in Europe Four years ago, the landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement was...

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