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Energy sector insights, report analysis, predictions and examination of energy trends, grid innovation and energy market movements within the energy sector. Energy policy and regulatory frameworks are also included.


Ed’s note: Rethinking investment

This week our editor touches on another that is less tangible, but perhaps as, or even more, powerful. The role of activists.
data provisioning

The dirty job of data provisioning in energy utilities

Do you remember the Discovery Channel, TV series ‘Dirty Jobs’?
AI analytics

AI analytics in building management systems will help make buildings smart...

A new report examines the potential presented by AI analytics in smart buildings, as well as a roadmap showing both opportunities in the market and barriers to the wider adoption
heat meter

Heat metering leads the way with high adoption rate of connectivity

Susanne Cumberland, a senior research analyst of Power and Energy Technology with IHS Markit, analyses the global heat meter market.
venture capital funding

Ed’s note: Leading the energy transition in the next decade

The transition of our energy sector from one that is heavily reliant on fossil fuels and one-way electricity flows – is underway,...

Ed’s note: 2020 – what’s your prediction?

We love to start the New Year off with resolutions and predictions regarding the state of the things to come. As we start off this new year and new decade, we wanted to share with you some of the predictions we gathered from key industry leaders and professionals below:

Simplifying OT/IT integration in utilities with Greenbird

The integration of OT and IT systems in pursuit of greater data connectivity is increasing. How do you do so without compromising security?

Ed’s note: The power of power… and gas and water…

I have been thinking about power and it’s provision a lot over the last week. My home country of S Africa has been experiencing rotating blackouts for weeks

What does the future look like for energy suppliers?

The future of energy supply needs to be focused around decarbonisation, that is clear. But without engagement, can we expect consumers to make choices that lead to lower energy usage?

Smart energy management systems for households in Bahrain

The small island nation of Bahrain is famous for its oil, its thriving economy, and reputation for being somewhat of a banking hub of the region.

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