US storage

Miracle new mineral to revolutionise battery storage

The Cape Town-based Institute of Energy Research has announced that researchers have discovered a new mineral element which will allow them to...
China Utility Week

Showcasing integrated energy solutions

China Utility Week offers a powerful portfolio of end-to--end T&D solutions as well as specific zones dedicated to innovation and start-ups, intelligent buildings and the energy revolution.
Utility IoT

Arm: Guaranteed connectivity performance on any network

Learn about Remote SIM Provisioning and how this technology will provide greater flexibility and better network control to businesses deploying cellular connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Video: Open standards encourage connectivity for all

Smart Energy International spoke with the DLMS Association's Tony Field and Larry Colton to understand how open standards encourage collaboration and interconnectivity.
grid services

Facts behind $140 billion global power distribution component market

According to Global Market Insights Inc, the power distribution component market is forecast to increase by 6% over 2019-2025.
African Utility Week Powergen Africa

5 tracks to connect the value train at African Utility Week...

African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa, the conference will focus on 5 tracks, based on the industry trend of connecting the full value chain, so content is not siloed by industry and reflects the many disciplines required for a modern, smart power industry.
Image credit: Itron, Inc.

Itron unveils its first Wi-SUN FAN certified IIoT solution

The company has also unveiled its new Itron Bridge 5-WS network integration card, which is designed for multiple devices in an industrial IoT network.

The heart of your device

Many countries have started or are already in the middle of utility metering rollouts, and as such, this industry is now seeing...

Performance of glass disc suspension insulators

BPG INTERNATIONAL, headquartered in Paris, France & BPG China, is one of the leading groups in the power and energy sectors with...
smart meter components

Smart meter components: New housing resins plus load switch

In smart meter components news, US plastics manufacturing company Trinseo has launched an updated range of polycarbonate resins for use in utility rollouts. Trinseo said in a...

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