News concerning cybersecurity within the energy sector, specifically relating to protection of energy customer data and private information, preventing malware, ransomware, as well as theft or damage to hardware. Also includes cybersecurity for the electricity grid, preventing disruption of power services, coordinating incident response and recovery, ensuring grid resilience.


EE-ISAC: Mission and objectives

Instant, comprehensive and trustworthy collaboration between security teams in energy sector companies is a must in a modern world where industrial control systems are...

Cybersecurity laws you should know

New cybersecurity legislation has been implemented or is coming soon, and those in the energy sector must be up to speed, warns David Varney. This...
cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity: Time to take off the white hat and put on...

According to a recent report by Kaspersky Labs, 91% of public-facing ICS components are remotely exploitable. The estimated cost of a cyber-attack on the...

New partnership to help ease cyber threats in utilities industry

Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE) and the European Energy-Information Sharing & Analysis Center (EE-ISAC) have partnered to exchange international threat intelligence that will serve to further...
Energy Europe

EE-ISAC: ready for the European resilient cybersecurity single market?

The European Energy-Information Sharing & Analysis Center (EE-ISAC) has organised at the European Parliament its first conference titled Ready for the European Resilient Cyber...
Utility cybersecurity

Results of new global cybersecurity survey shows inadequate emphasis

A new cybersecurity research report has been issued by a consortium of market intelligence firms. According to the report: Digital transformation is exposing companies to...
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Water utility attacked by sophisticated timed malware

In the wake of the Hurricane Florence disaster, ONWASA, a critical water utility has been specifically targeted by cyber criminals.

EDSO and ENCS: leadership on smart grid cybersecurity

A workshop showing how that the growing responsibilities of DSOs go hand-in-hand with the increased focus on consumers in the energy transition has been hosted by the European Distribution System Operators' Association for Smart Grids (EDSO) and the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS).
SmartEnergy IP

Utility technology investment and customer experience scorecard unveiled

Launched by SmartEnergy IP, the scorecard provides a measurement tool to utilities, regulators and stakeholders looking to seek recovery for large-scale technology investment. Juliet Shavit,...

IBM Unveils World’s First Multicloud Management Technology

IBM has launched a new open technology that makes it easier to manage, move and integrate apps across different cloud computing infrastructures. IBM’s Multicloud Manager...

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