Distributed generation

This category includes all news and analysis concerning the use of distributed energy resources (DERMS), distributed generation, distributed energy, on-site generation or district/decentralised energy and storage performed by a variety of small, grid-connected devices. Analysis includes impact on utilities and existing transmission and distribution networks, connection of renewable energy to the grid and trends in decentralisation.

Puget Sound Energy

Washington pilots integrated energy storage and consumer DERs

Washington-based utility Puget Sound Energy has partnered with Sunverge to implement its smart grid pilot project. The utility will use...

The rising costs of Brexit

In the aftermath of the rejection of Teresa May's Brexit deal, we relook at the implications for the UK and European energy sectors. Impact on...

New research reveals technologies with the highest funding and sector impacts

Frost & Sullivan has issued a new report analysing technologies with the highest funding and their impacts in sectors including ICT, energy, advanced manufacturing and...

Digital transformation puts clean energy goals within reach

Renewables—more than a passing trend In March 2017, power generated from the sun and the wind reached a significant...
smart cities market

Global smart cities market expects opportunity surge

The global smart cities market is expected to increase revenue generation by 18.4% between 2018 and 2023

Industry 4.0: What you need to know about radio frequency identification

A new report analyses the global radio frequency identification technology in Manufacturing 4.0 market.

India surpasses China with world’s largest solar farm

The Ladakh solar farm will be the world’s largest, with a 5GW capacity

EPRI publishes new state-funded standard for DER optimisation

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has published a new communication standard to help grid operators to enhance the performance and value...

Blockchain to shape new trends in energy trading

New report highlights the impact of prosumerism and distributed energy on the energy transaction landscape.
Exelon Utilities

Exelon Utilities attains international accreditation for environmental sustainability

Exelon Utilities has attained an international certification for adopting environmentally responsible business practices.

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