Distributed generation

News and analysis concerning the use of distributed energy resources (DERMS), distributed generation, distributed energy, on-site generation or district/decentralised energy and energy storage performed by a variety of small, grid-connected devices. Analysis includes impact on utilities and existing transmission and distribution networks, connection of renewable energy to the grid and trends in decentralisation.

Wind turbine blade erosion

Global utility giants join to tackle wind turbine blade erosion

Five major energy companies from all around the globe have partnered in an initiative to better understand, and prevent wind turbine blade erosion.
floating wind farm

National wind consortium makes its first technology R&D award

National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium has selected the US Department of Energy to research floating wind farm technology.

Iberdrola announces 8 billion euro clean energy plan

Iberdrola to expand its portfolio of renewable energy in Spain.

Hawai’i approves Energy Alliance-demand response initiative

The Hawai’i Public Utilities Commission has approved a grid services purchase agreement between the Hawaiian Electric Companies and OATI.
energy transition

Regional energy transition benefits to reach 145 billion euros

Industrial production will record a net gain of up to 145 billion euros by 2030 owing to the energy transition, according to a new report conducted by Enel

Few sectors of the European Energy Industry are changing as fast...

Biogas, synthetic gas, hydrogen and power-to-X technologies are taking the sector into exciting and uncharted waters – and that means someone needs to navigate and chart a course for the future - Kelvin Ross, editor of Power Engineering International

LNG for power in APAC

The latest development within the liquefied natural gas market in the Asia-Pacific region.
German onshore wind

Onshore wind farms? The Germans don’t mind theirs at all

The vast majority of German consumers don’t mind having a wind farm nearby – in fact, most hardly notice them at all, according to a new study

Investment opportunities in South-east Asia

Collaboration between various sectors on how to improve Indonesia's energy industry.
digital technologies

ADB forms an advisory group for digital technologies

The ADB has established an advisory team which will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the organisation’s strategies on digital technologies

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