Distributed generation

News and analysis concerning the use of distributed energy resources (DERMS), distributed generation, distributed energy, on-site generation or district/decentralised energy and energy storage performed by a variety of small, grid-connected devices. Analysis includes impact on utilities and existing transmission and distribution networks, connection of renewable energy to the grid and trends in decentralisation.

Wave energy

US DoE issues wave energy challenge

The US DoE has announced developments in two new prizes.
energy auction

Colombia’s first clean energy auction opens door to $2.2 billion in...

Colombia has held its first renewable energy auction which will add up to 1.3GW of clean energy capacity to the country’s main grid.

Investing in energy start-ups

Noortje van Heijst, Startup Investment Consultant at Energy Investment Management, discusses how to encourage investment in energy start-ups
siemens microgrids

Siemens and partner to develop microgrids for mining companies

Siemens and juwi have joined forces to focus on microgrids in the mining industry.

Is decarbonisation possible in urban areas?

Gudrun Senk, Head of Asset Development at Wien Energie GmbH, discusses whether it is possible for urban areas with high energy density to achieve decarbonisation.
central asia

Central Asia endorses climate-friendly ‘Energy Strategy 2030’

CAREC has endorsed a roadmap and set of regulations to help member states to improve energy security, sustainability and investments.
Climate finance

EIB extends Climate Finance Platform, unveils Financial Inclusion Fund

Luxembourg and the EIB have extended their Climate Finance Platform for another five years to 31 Dec 2024.

Thailand state utility announces zero-emissions excellence center

EGAT has partnered with INNIO to implement a microgrid pilot project in Bang Krul Nonthaburi
IKI Fund

New International Fund to support climate initiatives in emerging economies

IKI Fund to help developing countries to address climate change.
Green Climate Fund

China receives Green Climate Fund’s first to mitigate climate change

The Asian Development Bank has secured $100 million in funding from the Green Climate Fund to mitigate climate change in China’s Shandong province.

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