Distributed generation

News and analysis concerning the use of distributed energy resources (DERMS), distributed generation, distributed energy, on-site generation or district/decentralised energy and energy storage performed by a variety of small, grid-connected devices. Analysis includes impact on utilities and existing transmission and distribution networks, connection of renewable energy to the grid and trends in decentralisation.


Investment opportunities in South-east Asia

Collaboration between various sectors on how to improve Indonesia's energy industry.
digital technologies

ADB forms an advisory group for digital technologies

The ADB has established an advisory team which will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the organisation’s strategies on digital technologies

Bangladesh inks $185 million clean energy financing deal

Bangladesh will add up to 310MW of renewable energy to its energy mix as a result of an agreement signed with the World Bank.

Maldives utility Fenaka talks electrification of Island nations

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed, Managing Director of Fenaka Corporation, speaks about the challenges of island electrification.

Emerging trends in Asia’s energy landscape

James Harris, head of projects and infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific at Pinsent Masons speaks about renewable energy projects funding.

Initiate! Platform: connecting tech and talent

Sietske Jacobs, director of the Initiate! programme speaks about the innovative platform and how they plan to expand the platform across the globe to help energy startups to innovate the industry.

WENergy: speeding up Southeast Asia’s Energy Transition

CEO of WEnergy, speaks about the decentralisation of Asia’s electricity supply, and what it will take to speed up the pace of the energy transition.

Flexible gas as a key enabler of the energy transition

How"flexible gas" is enabling the energy transition and which type of gas is the most relevant.

South-East Asia’s energy transition: technology vs regulation

The future may still see coal in use in the 2030's but speeding up transition will require political change - experts

Regulatory frameworks need to adapt to Asia’s new energy landscape

Thorsten Volz, head of the German Energy Practice at Pinsent Masons speaks about the 3 "D's" in the energy industry.

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