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News and analysis on the latest trends and products in electric vehicle technology, charging, e-mobility and related technologies and innovations such as battery storage, hydrogen power and fuel cells. EV technology is part of the Fourth Industrial revolution. Find out more about Electric Cars, hybrid cars, charging stations for EVs as well as electric vehicle policy and regulation.

research hub

UK launches £28 million research hub to drive electric machine transition

The UK has launched a new £28 million research hub to drive the progress of electric machine technology
ev fast charging

California issues $3 million grant for resilient ultra-fast EV charging

The California Energy Commission has awarded a $3 million grant towards the pairing of energy storage with an electric vehicle fast charging system.

EV pilot addresses time poverty with five-minute charge

For the first time, an ultra-fast EV charging pilot has revealed the possibility of fully charging a two-wheel EV in just five minutes.
vatican city

Enel delivers more than half the promises of smart mobility deal

The governorate of the Vatican City State has signed an agreement with Enel X to jointly promote sustainable mobility in the city.
norway ev

Norway’s EV transition to cost consumers $1.27 billion

Norway is likely to need $127 billion in upgrades over the next twenty years if its to meet the country’s growing demand for electric vehicles
sustainability report

Businesses double sustainability focus, consumers blame costs – report

Deloitte has published a new report looking at the interest of both residential and business consumers to invest in sustainable technologies and practices.
UK EV Battery funding

UK gives battery, EV technology a £23 million boost

The UK Government has directed £23 million to assist small and large-scale businesses develop and innovate EV solutions
plug-in hybrid vehicles

Sales rise, market share drops, no future for plug-in hybrid vehicles

Although the sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles have been rising, their market share has been dropping since 2013 - report
ev charger

Partnership installs an ultra-fast EV charger every three days

Electrify America and Walmart have completed installing over 120 charging stations at Walmart stores across highway stations in the US.

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