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News and analysis on the latest trends and products in electric vehicle technology, charging, e-mobility and related technologies and innovations such as battery storage, hydrogen power and fuel cells. EV technology is part of the Fourth Industrial revolution. Find out more about Electric Cars, hybrid cars, charging stations for EVs as well as electric vehicle policy and regulation.

Corporate EV

Lack of supply is slowing the corporate EV transition – report

Major international companies are charging ahead on EVs to address the climate crisis, tackle air pollution and meet growing customer expectations – but they are increasingly confronted with a lack of vehicle supply.
smart cities market

Smart grids to top 2020 $124 billion smart cities market

IDC forecasts the global smart cities market to generate $124 billion in revenue in 2020.
electric bus

Applications open for UK’s “first all-electric bus town”

The UK’s Department of Transport has opened invitations for local town and village authorities to become Britain’s “first all-electric bus town” along with up to £50 million to help pay for a brand-new fleet of electric buses.
electric aircraft

Wright Electric begins work on electric commercial aircraft

Wright Electric has started of its megawatt-level electric propulsion development program for its flagship 186 seat electric aircraft, named Wright 1.
south koreavideo

Drivers of change for US utilities

The challenge being faced by US utilities is to ensure grid data is integrated, ‘clean’ and used to produce value to enhance operations

€4.9bn in investment for climate-action projects approved

EIB has approved up to €4.7 billion in investment for clean energy, sustainable transport, high-speed communications and social housing

Initiate! winner Electriphi on navigating the e-mobility transition

21 projects were selected, 8 made it to the Dragon's Den, and only 3 winners emerged. Muffi Ghadiali, Co-founder and CEO of Electriphi spoke to Clarion Energy at this year's DISTRIBUTECH 2020 about their winning solution to the e-mobility transition.
Corporate EV

EESL and United Nations complete e-mobility project in India

EESL has announced the completion of a year-long initiative designed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.
UK mobility

Boris Johnson to bring fossil-fuel cars ban forward to 2035

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has announced Britain’s acceleration to e-mobility during his opening speech at global UN climate conference COP26, with plans to bring the ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles.
Ofgem net zero

UK energy regulator launches 2050 net-zero action plan

Ofgem officially launched a plan to achieve net-zero emissions from the country’s energy industry by the legally-binding target date of 2050.

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