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News and analysis on the latest trends and products in electric vehicle technology, charging, e-mobility and related technologies and innovations such as battery storage, hydrogen power and fuel cells. EV technology is part of the Fourth Industrial revolution. Find out more about Electric Cars, hybrid cars, charging stations for EVs as well as electric vehicle policy and regulation.


Honda, AEP explore grid integration of used EV batteries

Honda, alongside Ohio-based electricity utility American Electric Power (AEP) is conducting research to develop a network of used electric vehicle (EV) batteries that could be integrated into the utility’system.

Honda investment in batteries, storage

Moixa, a smart battery company has announced the completion of an £8.6 million funding round, as global investors led by Honda backed...

ABB opens first carbon-neutral factory in the world

The facility in Germany will run on a solar photovoltaic system backed by a battery storage system, and any surplus power will be fed back into the grid. It also has EV charging points for staff and visitors.
siemens mobility

Germany trials Siemens electric highway technology

Germany is publically trialling a 6-mile section of the A5 highway with overhead electrified cabling. The technology, developed by Siemens Mobility, has been on private trial for some time, but is now proving itself on public roads until the trial’s end in 2022.
commercial vehicles

Sales increase for automated commercial vehicles will not exceed 1%. Here’s...

The annual sales of highly automated commercial vehicles will not grow by more than 1% through 2028

Fancy an electric Ducati… scooter?

Sino-Australian motorbike manufacturer Vmoto has confirmed a global licencing agreement with Italian motorcycle brand Ducati.
fuel cells

Fuel cells could be cheap enough to replace gas engines in...

Advancements in zero-emission fuel cells could make the technology cheap enough to replace traditional gasoline engines in vehicles
EV battery

EU challenges Asian dominance of battery cell manufacturing

Carole Mathieu of the French Institute of International Relations explains some of the developments between the EU battery manufacturing and automaker industries...
zero-emissions vehicle

£25m in funding available to drive UK low-carbon vehicle tech

UK businesses with innovative research and development projects that can support the development and supply of zero-emission vehicles in the long term are being offered a share of £25 million in funding.
race cars

Icebox Derby to help Illinois girls turn refrigerators into solar race...

Comed has launched its sixth-annual Icebox Derby to encourage women to participate in the electric vehicles and renewable energy industries.

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