News and insights about IoT systems used in energy-related equipment, such as utilities’ infrastructure, power meters, energy storage batteries, solar panels and device chargers. From sensors monitoring room temperature to complex applications that control the energy use in an entire building, we note the increasingly disruptive role of IoT technology in smart cities, smart energy grids, grid management device management strategies and smart meter communication.

sim cards

Telit’s new technology supports 5G-ready LTE-M and NB-IoT modules

Telit announced Telit simWISE support for 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity on its first-of-kind cellular module-embedded technology

Greenbird’s Utilihive digital integration hub earns ‘elite’ recognition for data analytics

Greenbird Integration Technology’s Utilihive Digital Integration Hub has been included in The Global Power and Energy Elites 2020

How changing the energy market design can help the energy transition

Chris Peeters, the CEO of the Elia Group, discusses how improving the energy market design in Europe can help advance the energy transition.

The evolution of smart metering in the gas sector in Italy

Marcello Bondesan, Director of Energy Asset Development at the HERA Group, discusses how smart gas meters in Italy have evolved to include new innovations and safety features to safeguard customers from threats such as earthquakes.

Conlog CEO explores the African metering landscape

Logan Moodley, the CEO of Conlog (PTY) LTD gives his expert insight into African metering solutions in a global context at European...
LoRa Alliance

LoRa Alliance welcomes new members

The LoRa Alliance has introduced its new Sponsor and Contributor members who have joined in the past six months during Day 1 of European Utility Week.

Revolutionising customer engagement

KCP&L has crafted a unique extension to the standard SCADA system for distribution automation using Oracle Utilities Network Management System

The next data foundation for the energy cloud

The digital integration hub in 2015: Utilihive created a cloud-native platform tailored specifically for utilities, taking advantage of cloud technology.

Nokia partners to accelerate digital transformation in Africa

Nokia has partnered with data services firm Globalstar to accelerate the fourth revolution across Africa.

Ed’s note: Introducing Enlit

Probably the most important update coming from the event is news that Clarion Energy has rebranded Utility Week and POWERGEN to Enlit...

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