News and insights about IoT systems used in energy-related equipment, such as utilities’ infrastructure, power meters, energy storage batteries, solar panels and device chargers. From sensors monitoring room temperature to complex applications that control the energy use in an entire building, we note the increasingly disruptive role of IoT technology in smart cities, smart energy grids, grid management device management strategies and smart meter communication.

smart home study

BEIS awards funding for Core4Grid initiative

geo, a leading provider of smart energy products, has been successful in securing funding from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
electric vehicles market

Latest in 2017-2030 global plug-in electric vehicles market

According to a new study conducted by Navigant Research, the global sales of plug-in electric vehicles grew by more than 70% between 2017 and 2018.
electric vehicles

E.ON announces role in €2.1 million e-mobility pilot

E.ON has joined the MEISTER project, an EU-funded pilot initiative aimed at reducing the costs of electric vehicles, their integration with grid networks and role in the energy transition.
Utility digital

Report: Utilities continue to lag in offering superior digital services

Utilities continue to struggle to get digital right, according to a new report.
Future cities

Reshaping energy systems for future cities

Approximately 74 per cent of Europe’s population are city-dwellers - a testament to how people have been drawn to cities throughout history.

SPACE10 combines solar and blockchain

Written by: Kelvin Ross IKEA’s research and design laboratory SPACE10 has launched a project to explore how solar power can combine...
Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new electricity

As with all emerging technological trends, some elements of artificial intelligence are hyped out of proportion, some elements are ahead of their time, and some even incite fear.
Lethbridge Electric Utility

Canadian utility deploys AMI-enabled VVO programme

Lethbridge Electric Utility of Alberta has embarked on a project to improve consumer energy efficiency and lower their bills.
Good Energy

UK’s Good Energy boosts reach into EV services market

UK renewables energy supplier Good Energy has bought a 12.9% stake in app company Zap-Map, extending its reach into the EV charging and related services market.
grid reliability

Personalised reports help utility highlight smart grid benefits

ComEd is providing its residential consumers in illinois with personalised grid reliability reports.

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