News and insights about IoT systems used in energy-related equipment, such as utilities’ infrastructure, power meters, energy storage batteries, solar panels and device chargers. From sensors monitoring room temperature to complex applications that control the energy use in an entire building, we note the increasingly disruptive role of IoT technology in smart cities, smart energy grids, grid management device management strategies and smart meter communication.

Top tips for ensuring a smooth smart meter rollout

Smart grid solutions firm Landis+Gyr provides tips for ensuring a smooth smart meter rollout
fort collins

Fort Collins Utilities kickstarts phase one of outage management initiative

Colorado-based Fort Collins Utilities has selected Advanced Control Systems as its core supplier for an advanced distribution management platform. The project...

Blockchain market on track to reach $10 billion in revenue

The global revenue for blockchain technology is on track to hit $10 billion by 2023 - report
water leaks, Waco

How water leaks are eroding household and district budgets

South Africa, as a developing country that nonetheless leverages several first-world technologies, offers an interesting case study when it comes to water.

Achieving AMI interoperability

As a company that has been involved in the power utilisation and distribution industry for decades, Ningbo Sanxing Smart Electric has developed...

Weathering the storm: Mitigating the impacts of natural disasters

It is possible to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters by leveraging grid modernisation and industrial IoT, says Sharelynn Moore, senior vice...

The path to a sustainable electricity system: decentralised control

We need a new platform for electricity, transforming our old assets into a highly flexible system with the autonomy to manage disturbances real-time.

Customer centricity: the impact of C-MeX on the water industry

This article looks at how the C-Mex policy can play to ensure utilities improve their services for consumer satisfaction by using consumer-centric solutions

New partnership to transform utility grid operations

Landis+Gyr is joining forces with Utilidata to provide groundbreaking grid management through the deployment of edge applications on advanced meters.
excellence award

Consumer AMI project helps DEWA pocket global business excellence award

DEWA has been recognised with the global excellence award for its efforts to help consumers reduce their water usage and bills.

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