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Analysis and announcements of any and all new energy innovation and technological grid developments within the energy sector. This includes any products and solutions within the grid research and development phase, testing or currently in use. New technology includes but is not limited to e-mobility, energy storage, grid enhancements, IoT, digitalisation, smart meters, clean energy, renewable energy, distributed energy etc.

blue energy

Stanford researchers generate “blue energy” by mixing sea and fresh water

A new battery made from affordable and durable materials generates energy from places where salt and fresh waters mingle. The technology could make coastal wastewater treatment plants energy-independent and carbon neutral.
Autogrid, artificial intelligence

AWS and Autogrid collaborate for industry digitalisation

The collaboration between AWS and Autogrid is designed to allow energy companies to speed their push toward a decentralised, digitised grid
digital utilities, digital market

The 6 priorities for utility CIOs in the age of digital...

How do utility CIOs determine priorities in the age of digital utilities? This is one of the toughest questions...

Utility seeks 2019 students to innovate the energy industry

Constellation is accepting applications for its 2019 E2 Energy to Educate grant programme.
new york

New York deploys its first intelligent solar mirror array

Skyven Technologies has completed the first installation of its intelligent mirror array as part of the project
self-driving vehicles

Robotic fast-charger for autonomous vehicles deployed

Electrify America has partnered with Stable Auto to pilot robotic charging solutions for self-driving vehicles in San Francisco.
Horizon 2020 webinar

WEBINAR RECORDING: EUW – Horizon 2020 projects

Horizon 2020 is one of the biggest opportunities for European utilities to test, trial and explore the impact of technology and innovation across the power, water and gas sectors.
gas distribution

Utility predicts infrastructure deterioration using 1,000 variables – world’s first

Toho Gas has partnered with Fracta to optimise the maintenance of its gas distribution infrastructure in a cost-effective way.

The Energy Transition Technology Chat – Episode 6: Spatial collaboration and...

In this episode in our series of Energy Transition Chat videos, Kevin O'Donovan spoke with Alex Hern, Founder & CEO and Antony Duca, Chief Product Officer at Tsunami XR to chat on spatial collaboration

UK’s Pavegen’s footfall-capture generation secures crowd-funded future

UK start-up Pavegen, which uses energy capture technology powered by people’s footsteps whilst tracking usage data, has managed to raise more than double it’s 950,000 target, raising over 2,6 million in funding to drive international expansion and development.

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