About Future Energy East Africa 2018

Date: 12 - 13 September 2018 Location: Nairobi, Kenya Website Future Energy East Africa has evolved from the East African Power Industry Convention (EAPIC). After years of close...

European utilities using long-distance drones for grid maintenance

Beyond the line of site (BVLOS) prototypes are becoming increasingly popular to improve power grid inspections.
Con Edison

New online feature shows drivers how to go green with EVs

Con Edison is making it easier for car shoppers to understand the savings they can get by plugging in instead of gassing up. The energy...

Purchase order for smart metering implementation in Sweden

CyanConnode, narrowband radio mesh networks specialist, has received a purchase order from HM Power to implement smart meters for a Swedish utility. The purchase order,...
fuel poverty

Top 5 social innovators to tackle fuel poverty

Enel, in partnership with Ashoka and the Schneider Electric Foundation, recently awarded the five most innovative solutions to tackle fuel poverty
smart inverters

Enel launches Italian innovation hub

Enel has launched an innovation hub and lab in Passo Martino, in the Italian province of Catania. The 100,000 square meter campus will focus on...

Electric planes, ready for take off in UK skies

The UK’s world-leading aerospace sector will be propelled into a new era of cleaner, greener flight through industry and government investment, the Business and...

Nanotechnology breakthrough boosts EV range to 1000km +

Researchers at the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology have found a way to improve the capacity of conventional batteries by 300-500%. This advancement will allow...
LF Energy

Open source coalition fuels energy transition and innovation

The Linux Foundation has announced the formation of LF Energy to boost technological innovation and transform the energy mix across the world.

Energy trading: Blockchain is here to stay? (Part 2)

For this second blog (see part one here) on the use of blockchain for the energy trading industry, I asked four Blockchain experts, how...
heat pumps

Report confirms electric heat pumps are a smart investment

The ACEEE report finds that replacing oil and propane furnaces, boilers and water heaters with electric heat pumps can reduce energy use and bills, as well as reduce emissions.

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