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Analysis and announcements of any and all new energy innovation and technological grid developments within the energy sector. This includes any products and solutions within the grid research and development phase, testing or currently in use. New technology includes but is not limited to e-mobility, energy storage, grid enhancements, IoT, digitalisation, smart meters, clean energy, renewable energy, distributed energy etc.


Innovation for Utilities in Sophia Antipolis

In a changing environment, energy providers need to identify the levers for transforming their business and developing new services. To support companies...

Four Thanksgiving tips for power utilities

How digital integration can be better than Thanksgiving. Here’s a fun power utility Thanksgiving fact: it will take 113,500 wind turbines an...
Breaking through disruption

Power a “wise pivot” against utility disruption

In brief Disruption is an inescapable challenge for all industries. Utilities are entering a vulnerable phase, with compressive disruption...
energy market

Unparalleled opportunities in India’s energy market

The India power sector offers almost unparalleled opportunities to both domestic and international energy market players.

ŠKODA AUTO, CHAKRATEC, launch the first kinetic EV charging station

ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab has launched a fast EV charging point at the Prague Exhibition Centre powered by Chakratec’s kinetic energy storage system.

New York: New technology to reduce consumer energy costs by 20%

NYSERDA has selected Dandelion Energy for the provision of a new geothermal technology that is expected to help reduce consumer energy costs by 20%.
siemens measuring devices

New measuring devices from Siemens capture energy data with higher accuracy

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has added the 7KM PAC3220 and 7KM PAC3120 measuring devices to its Sentron power monitoring portfolio.

Bill Gates-backed CSP company breaks temperature records

Heliogen, backed by Bill Gates, has reached temperatures greater than 1,000°C, enabling heat-intensive manufacture to transition to clean energy.

Technology giants partner on ENGIE’s energy transformation

ENGIE has partnered with Salesforce, Accenture and Vlocity to help its customers around the world achieve a zero-carbon future.
energy technology

US DoE announces new funding for AI and ML technologies

New DoE funding to accelerate the development of AI and ML into energy technology and product design processes as part of the DIFFERENTIATE project

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