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Analysis and announcements of any and all new energy innovation and technological grid developments within the energy sector. This includes any products and solutions within the grid research and development phase, testing or currently in use. New technology includes but is not limited to e-mobility, energy storage, grid enhancements, IoT, digitalisation, smart meters, clean energy, renewable energy, distributed energy etc.


World’s first electric free-fall lifeboat makes splash-down

The world’ first electric free-fall lifeboat has been launched and is set to go into service.

Diehl Metering’s smart contribution towards a sustainable energy supply

With the Paris Agreement on climate change, the international community of 195 countries set a legally binding target: Global warming is expected...
Inductive charging

Ed’s note: Inductive charging and the questions that still need to...

As the uptake of electric vehicles in Europe increases, authorities are considering alternative forms of charging infrastructure for these vehicles.
lithium battery

Graphene may be the solution to lithium battery fires

Whilst lithium batteries are driving progress in everything from electric vehicles, to mobile phones, grid-storage and umpteen other technologies, but they have a major shortfall. They’ve been known to spontaneously combust under not-so-extraordinary conditions, and when they burn, they burn or a while.

Vattenfall pilots salt technology with 10x the capacity of water storage

Swedish utility Vattenfall is piloting a new salt-based energy storage system, which may hold ten-times the capacity to store energy than water.

Doing it for the kids – the future of energy

by David Hall There has always been conflict between the generations. But throughout history, this has been the exception...

Bringing safety to the edge

When it comes to the delivery of natural gas, safety is always top of mind. Technology advancements are making it possible to...

ARPA-E announces $20 million in funding for AI and machine learning

U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has announced up to $20 million in funding to accelerate the incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence into energy technology and product design processes.
Pumped hydro storage

22 million GWh of pumped hydro energy storage potential worldwide

These astonishing numbers come from a report recently released by Professor Andrew Blakers and other researchers with Australian National University’s RE100 Group.

DoE announces $59 million for advanced vehicle technologies research

The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has issued funding to address research in advanced batteries and electric drive systems.

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